Membership Form

Edited and Published by P.UDAYASURIYAN, Circle Secretary

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11-12-2014, My dear comrades,

While acknowledging with thanks the un disputable faith shown to our Circle body especially to your Circle Secretary, I wish to submit that I am really indebted to each and every one of our member and it becomes all the more responsible for me to discharge my function effectively to ensure smooth sailing for all of us in AIBSNLOA-ChTD in the ensuing membership verification process. We have to bear in mind that any decision taken must ensure that we are not losing our self respect and dignity through which we have earned the reputation of being an Association that always put the BSNL Growth as the main Agenda much more than any individual or cadre interest.

You are all aware that it was purely our initiative a few years back to bring unity amongst the likeminded Executives in Chennai to start with and then we intended to spread it across all Circles of BSNL so that as a single strong and united entity, we can have a better say with the Management. However that proposal has gone in to rough weather for obvious reasons.

Despite that we have been discussing unity amongst Executives as an Agenda point in all our CEC and it received positive response and useful deliberations from our members all these years. This keen interest amongst our members to ensure unity made us to forcibly air our views with authority in the recently concluded CWC at Bhopal and we on our part from AIBSNLOA-ChTD has even given a clear mandate authorizing our CHQ to initiate the process of either an alliance with likeminded groups or even go in for amalgamations if the situation warrants. This was the crux of our message conveyed by AIBSNLOA-ChTD when our Circle Office Bearers met other Association leaders in Delhi during September 2014.

With no sign of positive response or update from the other circles to our CHQ even after a lapse of clear three months, with regard to alliance or amalgamation, our CHQ stood in a precarious situation. This indecision cost the Ch.TD wing of AIBSNLOA dear and we had to bore the brunt by way of mass exodus of our dedicated members from Chennai Telephones to other far away circles of BSNL in the recently issued DE-Regular promotion order. Hence, we are left with no option but to take a decision on our own in order to safeguard the interest of our comrades at least in future.

Keeping this in mind and with an intention of establishing our keenness to ensure unity amongst Executives we have conducted series of meeting amongst our circle office bearers and also with our Divisional Secretaries.

Comrades a lot of threadbare analysis was undertaken by our Circle Office bearers as to which direction we need to move now and finally it has been decided to open up the dialogue with AIBSNLEA-Ch.TD (with whom we have been maintaining cordial relationship despite differences on issues) as far as Chennai is concerned so that we can be proud to say that we in Chennai have taken a lead in an attempt to bring unity amongst Executives. 

As a culmination of our efforts, a combined CEC of AIBSNLEA & AIBSNLOA Chennai was held on Wednesday the 10th December 2014. In this meeting all those present were unanimous in wholeheartedly welcoming the move to come closer and observed that we will be able to do better for our comrades at any time during their hours of crisis if there is unity amongst us. Accordingly it was decided to merge both the Associations in Chennai to start with (click here for the Adhoc Body after merger of the two Associations in Chennai) and we will pressurize the CHQ of both the Association to go in for amalgamation at All India Level shedding any inhibitions.  Moreover since there is no personality clash between us in Chennai, we do not foresee any conflict of interest and you can be rest assured that better days are ahead for us. We are also of the firm view that at one point of time in the near future a complete transformation will take place as far as unity of Executives is concerned.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


Letter to CHQ-President


08-02-2014  (Minutes of CEC 28-11-2014)

My dear comrades,

Our 4TH CEC commenced at 10.00 Hrs with our V.P Com.Velu,DGM  in the chair. (Our President Com.B.Ganesan was pre occupied with some personal problems at home.) Our V.P welcomed the gathering and after self introduction of members, president announced the agenda that was duly approved by the House.  Our CS read the report for the period 27-6-2014 to 27-11-2014 which highlighted the activities that took place right from 3rd CEC to till date.

The CS report was exhaustive covering all points of importance especially our efforts in retaining the Senior Executives on their promotion to STS-Regular. On completion of the address by CS (the Report has since been published in our web site) our president sought the approval of CS Report and it was approved after review by members page by page.

Once the approval for the CS Report was obtained our President moved on to the next important point related to membership verification issue and the role to be played by AIBSNLOA-ChTD. Reposing faith in the Circle Body especially our CS, the CEC unanimously resolved to give full powers to our Circle President and Circle Secretary to enter in to any form of agreement be it alliance  with sister Associations or amalgamation of Association that is in the best interest of Executive welfare in this crucial period. This resolution was exactly in line with what we have proposed and submitted to our CHQ in the last CWC at Bhopal authorizing the CHQ.

Comrades, having spent several years of isolation, we are now the decisive force to be reckoned with  and as our CEC has rightly vested the full powers on the CP & CS it becomes even more important for us to move forward with the next step. As we had been insisting of unity in the overall interest it is now time for us to make use of this rare opportunity and to prove we are second to none in sacrificing self interest if the Executive fraternity is to benefit by way of alliance or amalgamation.  We have been in constant touch with our sister Associations and hope to arrive at an amicable solution much before the actual membership verification process starts.

Next in the list was a special address by our Respected Sr.GM (TXM & EB) Sri.R.Ganesan,ITS who was a source of strength for us along with other senior officers of BSNL-ChTD in the course of our un tiring efforts to retain senior comrades in Chennai Telephones. In his vibrant speech lasted for about half an hour, Sri.R.Ganesan spoke in length about the need to focus on Customer demands and the necessity for prioritizing the Customers based on the revenue potential. Our Sr.GM was also appreciative of the good work done by Executives of Chennai Telephones especially our members and he also admitted the fact that local Administration failed to retain talented Officers and had to budge to the BSNL CO directive in the name of neutralizing the shortage of Executives across BSNL.

Before and After Lunch, the house honored all the Executives retiring this month with members recalling their long Association with these senior colleagues and their contribution to our company. After the acceptance speech by the retiring officers, we moved on to the next Agenda our farewell felicitations to Com.V.Gurumurthy our FS and to Com.J.Badrinarayanan ACS who have been struck off from the rolls of Chennai TD. Due to health problem Com.J.Badrinarayan,ACS could not attend the function. All the members present hailed the tireless efforts and contribution of these two comrades both to the Association and to our company. Com.V.Gurumuthy in his acceptance speech lauded the team spirit with which the Circle body functioned and he also extended his best wishes to our AIBSNLOA-ChTD in the days to come.

The house unanimously co opted Com.S.Shreetharan (DS-AIBSNLOA-Circle Office) as the new Circle Financial Secretary. After answering queries from members on certain individual cases, the entire deliberations concluded with our Circle Secretary summing up all the point discussed during the course of the day. Finally vote of thanks was proposed by Com.Thilagavathy,FS-KOD.


01/12/14: Our CEC held on 28/11/14 as per Agenda,Minutes of the meeting will be released very soon.


B.GANESAN               V.GURUMURTHY               P.UDAYASURIYAN

AIBSNLOA/ChTD/2014-15/CEC/04                           Date:  28-11-2014

 Respected President, Circle Office Bearers, CEC Members, Special invitees and my dear beloved comrades,

I am extremely happy to present the Fourth CEC report of our Association for the period 27-06-2014 to 27-11-2014 after our Third CEC held on 26-06-2014 in the same venue. This period is very crucial for all the members especially seniors who have been long awaiting  for their STS-Regular promotions. All the activities and events that occurred during the past five months is submitted for the perusal and deliberations of our CEC and this CEC needs to take some important decisions pertaining to the stand of our Association with respect to Membership verification process and I expect all the members present to participate actively in the deliberations and present their valuable suggestions so that we will be able to take a clear and considered opinion at the end of this meeting.

Release of DPC from SDE & DE(Adhoc)  to DE(Regular):

The much awaited DPC for DE-Regular has at last been released due to the consistent effort of our CHQ in co-ordination with all the other Executive Associations and while we need to thank the Management for releasing such a mammoth list in one go, we could not really enjoy the fruits of it since barring a few retiring cases all our colleagues newly covered in this list were shunted out across BSNL. The detailed report regarding our efforts to retain at least genuine cases in Chennai is briefly explained in the following paragraphs. However we wish all those who have joined other places a better future and we will continue to put pressure on our CHQ and BSNL CO to ensure that these Executives are returning back to our Circle exactly after the two year stipulated period as assured by the Sr.GM (Pers) BSNL CO.

Release of DPC from DE to DGM [Adhoc):

The DPC from DE to DGM is still pending in view of the Supreme Court case and our CHQ has informed in clear terms to BSNL CO that beyond 26-11-2014 the day of next hearing of the 206 Seniority case in Honorable Supreme Court, there must not be further postponement since the DPC is already over and posting orders only are to be issued. But  rule 206 is not listed on 26.11.14 and postponed to next week. Huge numbers of our Comrades are retiring without enjoying the actual benefits despite performing the duties of DGM and all the VCs are expiring by 30-11-2014.

Release of DPC from DGM [Adhoc) to DGM-Regular:

Comrades, it is really a pleasure and dream come true for all the Executives right from JTO/JAO and others promoted there from to finally see light at the end of the Tunnel. 27 of our own colleagues across BSNL have been promoted on 25/11/14 to DGM (Regular) in Telecom Wing and another 123 in Finance Wing. This is really a step ahead for them towards occupying the next higher positions in the days to come.

On behalf of AIBSNLOA Chennai Telephones and on my personal behalf our congratulations to one and all who have occupied the DGM (Regular) posts.

More specifically we have great pleasure in seeing our beloved President Com.B.Ganesan DGM-NE (Adhoc) occupying the DGM (Regular) post being the first such in Chennai. We wish him a bright and prosperous future.

Release of DPC from JTO to SDE (Seniority cum fitness):

Though the DPC work is going on, the orders could not be released due to COURT Case at Ernakulam in which the arguments were over last week and the judgement is reserved. Since the judgement is expected at any time we hope to get this list also released and as far as this posting on promotion order is concerned we expect maximum retention as there are sufficient vacancies available in Chennai as on date.

Correspondences with CGM 

Comrades, as you were aware it is only our Association that is constantly pursuing the need to retain as much Executives to the extent vacancies are available and the efforts of our Circle body has been spent totally in regard to retention of Seniors and genuine medical cases. Hence all our correspondences with the Administration was literally restricted to this matter only. However even in these correspondences, we have highlighted the need to retain manpower citing certain deficiency in our services which may become worse if all these experienced comrades are relieved on one stroke. We are reproducing below the series of letter correspondences we had with our Management in this regard.

 ( LR TO CGM40714; LR TO MINISTER 150714; LR TO CGM 160714 )


To sustain the pressure on our Administration, CS and FS met our Sr.GM(HR&ADMN) and briefed her about the meeting of all the 3 Executive Associations’ Circle Secretary with CGM. We have requested Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) to use her good offices and help the 26 DE to get retained permanently in Chennai. Sr.GM (HR & ADMN) assured us that she will do her level best and write to BSNL CO as per directions from CGM.  Subsequently we also discussed about various other issues including deployment of TTAs that is crucial for the Field Units.


Our CS along Circle President, FS  and  ACS met Sr.GM(North)  and Sr.GM( Central) on 22-07-2014 and impressed them on the need to  retain the STS-Adhoc  Executives of their  respective Area (North, TXM, Central respectively) beyond 31-7-2014 if the growth momentum of BSNL-Ch.TD is to be sustained. Both the Senior Officers were quite receptive and patiently heard our view and agreed to take up with CGM the impending need to retain Executives of their Area.

Subsequently our CS met GM (South) and PGM(Dev-CFA) on 24-07-2014 and sought their good offices with CGM to be used for retention of Executives beyond 31-07-2014 pertaining to their jurisdiction.  Both of them agreed to our request and confirmed that they will take up the case with CGM positively.

AIBSNLOA Chennai Telephones wishes to inform our Colleagues that we are ensuring all the possible channels was explored and justice is done to the dedicated Executives of Chennai Telephones irrespective of their Association affinity.


CS along with ACS and FS met our CGM & Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) today and enquired about the retention issue for those Executives retained up to 31-03-2014. Both appreciated our concern and CGM & Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) assured that they are exerting maximum pressure on BSNL CO to get permanent retention for all and hope to achieve the best results.

Comrades, it is this assurance from our top Management in Chennai that kept us in over confidence otherwise we could have made some more ground work to ensure sudden struck off was not forced on us. To be frank we were totally kept in the dark till last moment and we have to admit that our blind faith on the assurances from the local Administration has simply spoiled the future of senior Executives for whom we have been assuring a positive outlook. Hence, on behalf of the entire Circle Body and on my personal behalf we don’t have any hesitation in openly accepting for being unable to accommodate these senior and dedicated Executives in full.

(Lr 010814,Lr to Area GM 140814;CS Report in CWC 160814; Lr to GM Pers 190814;LR TO CMD 270814)

03-09-2014(at New Delhi)

Our GS along our AIFS Com.V.Gurumurthy and ACS Com.J.Badrinarayanan met Addl GM (Pers) on 3rd September 2014 at ND and presented the case of Executives of Chennai who have been recently promoted to DE Regular. Addl GM (Pers) while appreciating our concern advised us to meet the Sr.GM (Pers) and also agreed to recommend our case favorably. On the issue of two ladies marked wrongly to WB Circle, Addl GM (Pers) immediately directed the AGM (Pers) to issue suitable modification to KRL Circle as requested by the officers copy of which was submitted by us in person.

Subsequently, we met the Sr.GM (Pers) who gave a patient hearing of the entire issue for about an hour but expressed the opinion that the shortage in Chennai in STS cadre was only 24% against the national average of 33 % and more particularly the states like WB, BR, JKND, CHGR and PB are having shortage of over 50% and advised the officers of Ch.TD transferred to these Circles to join immediately to ensure their early return at an available opportunity. When we requested for consideration of option to Tenure Circles instead of these Circles, Sr.GM (Pers) informed that there are already surplus postings in these Circles contrary to earlier situations.

In the evening we met Sr.GM (SR) and had a detailed discussions about the membership verification process and the Sr.GM (SR) informed that BSNL is to file a reply in Karnataka Court shortly for the certain observations made by the Court and once that is heard, the stay on Election process is likely to be lifted and we can proceed further.

04-09-2014(at New Delhi)

On the morning of 4th September 2014, we met Com.K.Sebastin GS-SNEA and other CHQ Office Bearers of SNEA and impressed them on the need to find some relief to the affected Executives of Chennai through united approach. Com.K.Sebastin appreciated our concern and accepted that this is a burning issue in Chennai and assured us to meet CMD sometime next week along with AIBSNLOA office bearers to exert pressure on the Management to relent for providing relief to Chennai Comrades to the best possible extent taking into consideration the shortage across BSNL.

On the evening of 4th September 2014, we met CMD-BSNL and submitted our views with regard to the recent promotion order that has caused lots of hardship to about 120 Executives of Ch.TD. While CMD agreed to our point, he expressed his dissatisfaction with regard to performance of Ch TD. Our CMD could not be convinced by the reasons put forth by us for the poor performance of Ch.TD. However when we assured CMD for an improved performance once the shortage is compensated by way of retention, he refused to entertain our request and insisted on promoted Executives to join their new assignments. Meanwhile  CMD assured to ensure the place of postings of our Comrades in far off Circles like BR,WB,CHGR,JKND will be in major stations only that has direct connectivity to Chennai and he has also agreed to repatriate them back to Chennai at the earliest opportune moment without insisting for one or two years service stipulation. On our repeated request to consider some genuine cases of seniors and ladies, CMD has agreed to consider those cases after discussion with Sr.GM (Pers).However CMD was not willing to provide any assurance in this regard considering the fact that Ch.TD is well placed with regard to manpower in STS cadre as compared to other Circles. 

05-09-2014(at New Delhi)

On the morning of 5th September 2014 we met AGM (DPC) and AGM (Pers) and thanked them on behalf AIBSNLOA for their best effort in completing the DPC and releasing the promotion order for such a huge number of posts within the shortest possible time.

On the evening of 5th September our GS along with Com.V.Gurumurthy, FS and Com.J.Badrinarayanan  ACS attended the Circle Secretaries and CHQ Office Bearers meeting of SNEA at YMCA-New Delhi upon invitation from SNEA-CHQ. Our Team had a warm reception from the office bearers present and after a brief introduction from Com.G.L.Jogi, President SNEA, our GS addressed the gathering.

During his speech our GS while applauding the leadership of SNEA-CHQ for its dedicated efforts to resolve the issues affecting Executives of BSNL, recalled his long Association with SNEA-CHQ and insisted on unified approach on issues affecting cadre interest that will pave for greater interaction and understanding amongst the members of both the Associations. Com.G.L.Jogi & Com.K.Sebastin while appreciating the positive gesture of our GS assured that herein after both the Associations will work in tandem on all issues concerning the overall interest of Executives of BSNL.   


Our CS attended the meeting of Unions and Associations with the Management, presided over by the CGM-ChTD held in connection with implementation on ERP in Chennai Telephones. After introductory remarks by the CGM, our CS raised the issue of large scale transfer of Executives from Ch.TD consequent to the recent promotion order and submitted that the Chennai Telephones Administration despite availability of sufficient vacancies, did not evince interest as compared to other Circle Administration in retaining as many officers as possible. When we are at a crucial juncture to implement ERP this unhelpful attitude of the local Management is highly objectionable and condemning this action as a failure on the part of Management, our CS walked out of this meeting registering his protest.

(LR TO CMD 031014; LR TO GM 071014; LR TO GM PERS 111014)

12-10-2014{Sr.GM(pers) camp at Chennai}

Circle Secretary along with Com.V.Gurumurthy FS,Com.J.Badrinarayanan ACS & Com.S.Natarajan,DE-IT met Sr.GM(Pers) BSNL CO camping at Chennai and honoured him with a shawl. We also presented a memorandum (Published in our website ) requesting his immediate intervention with regard to Posting and Transfer cases of DEs pertaining to Chennai Telephones. Sr.GM(Pers) instantly recollected our meeting with him at BSNL CO in New Delhi along with our GS Com.Rakesh Sethi.

Sr.GM(Pers) reiterated his stand that Chennai is much better placed compared to other Circles as far as shortage in DE-Cadre is concerned and insisted that all should join the allotted place of posting.Sr.GM(Pers) also appreciated those officers who have joined other Circles. Our CS explained in detail the specific problems pertaining to Chennai Telephones and the need to retain STS Officers but Sr.GM(Pers) was in  no mood to relent. After our repeated request Sr.GM(Pers) indicated that review is possible only for a select deserving cases and others have to go or decline the promotion.

13-10-2014{CMD camp at Chennai}

Circle secretary met our CMD  at Le Royal Meridian Hotel in Chennai and requested for early and favorable consideration of postings and transfers of DE s to Chennai. CMD recollected the memorandum submitted by us to him on last Saturday the 4th October 2014 and agreed to take a final decision shortly after reaching Delhi tomorrow. Sr.GM(Pers) who was also present during the discussion intervened and pointed out about the poor performance of Ch.TD for which our CS explained in detail with facts and figures that it is due to the shifting of experienced and senior officers from Chennai as otherwise the performance Ch.TD for the earlier periods were much better.

CMD appreciated our points and informed that this is a critical issue as far as Chennai is concerned and it will be resolved soon. We requested our CMD to fill up the maximum possible vacancies that exists in Chennai as on date strictly as per seniority. ( LR TO CGM 17-10-14)


Circle secretaries of AIBSNLOA & AIBSNLEA met CGM-Ch.TD and apprised him about the meeting with CMD on 13-10-2014. They have submitted a letter to CGM seeking his early and favorable decision with regard to retention of Sr. Executives in Chennai. CGM agreed to initiate the process in three phases as per direction from BSNL CO namely

  1. Retention of Executives on critical Medical grounds
  2. Retention of 57+ cases on medical grounds
  3. Retention based on need basis according to Field requirement strictly as per seniority.

Both the CS have urged the CGM & Sr.GM(HR&ADMN) to expedite the process since all the Senior Executives have already lost a sufficiently long period of leave and are becoming desperate.  CGM & Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) appreciated our concern and the difficulties of seniors on leave and agreed to do the best possible in consultation with BSNL CO.

LR TO CGM 23-10-14

Comrades, the above few pages would have highlighted the detailed and tireless efforts this Association has taken with regard to posting on promotion and I am also proud to state that un-mindful of the other Association’s view and intentions we had always been open in this crucial issue and always made sincere efforts to go with them. Apart from representation through Joint Forums individually we made sincere efforts by writing letters to Sr.GM (Pers), Dir-HR cum CMD, Secretary DOT and also to the Minister. We also explored the possibility through National Commission of Women in an attempt to get relief atleast for the lady Comrades and get them retained in Chennai.


To our Dismay the Administration both in Chennai and at BSNL CO took this issue very lightly without understanding the basic fact that they are playing in to the lives of Executives that too in the advanced stage of their career. On the other hand various compulsions prevented the CHQ of all the Associations to join together and put pressure on the Management. It is the efforts of our Circle Office Bearers who made a visit to Delhi in September 2014 that made all CHQs to understand the gravity of the situation prevailing in Chennai and by that time it was too late to secure retention of the Seniors who were abruptly struck off from this District since the BSNL CO took shelter under the siege of DE Regular promotion order to gain time. It is almost a 4 months wait for our seniors and we hope atleast by this week the stalemate comes to an end.

 Latest news:


1.   BSNL CO has notified the LDCE for promotion to TES Gr.B on 15-2-2015 and the details are uploaded in the intranet.


2.   BSNL Chennai Telephones implemented ERP (Go LIVE) on 20-11-2014 and it is our duty to congratulate one and all in our District who have tirelessly worked all these period to ensure this great task.


3.   As per association request to CGM,ChTD recommended 15 cases for retention in ChTD to BSNL CO and due to persistent efforts of our Association 15 DEs (inclusive of our struck off officers) are posted to ChTD.


Farewell Felicitations to Retiring Comrades:

 Comrades, in line with our tradition of honoring the retiring comrades, we are making use of this CEC Meeting to felicitate our senior colleagues who have retired/retiring in this period June 2014 to November 2014. The following is the list of our veteran comrades being honoured for their unblemished service in BSNL and also for their dedicated patronage to AIBSNLOA.

  1. Sri.M.Ramdoss         - Circle Vice President & DGM(CP&MM)
  2. Sri.K.Manivannan     DGM[SP]
  3. Sri.B.Shivaji              – Divisional President (CHR&TAM) & DE DTTC
  4. Sri.S.Mohan              - DE (CHR intl)
  5. Sri.K.Raju                - SDE (Bldg & Elec-Circle Office)

All the above comrades have rendered exemplary service to our company and we are proud to be associated with them all through these years. We wish them a happy & peaceful retired life.

Farewell Felicitations to Office Bearers:

  • Sri. V. Gurumurthy , worked as DE TXM  in Chennai was transferred to BSNL CO as AGM (CNP).He was instrumental in the maintenance of vital leased circuits and has risen to the occasion several times. He is always known for his hard work.
  • He was the single man army in the MLLN unit, involved in its installation, Maintenance and fault clearance for the whole of Chennai Telephones.  For his best efforts at work and vast knowledge of the Transmission systems he was chosen for Foreign Training. His efforts were personally appreciated by the first CMD Sri.Prathipal Singh during an official visit to Chennai.
  • The more his responsibilities grew the harder and longer he worked, whether it was in the field of MLLN or in the field of Transmission maintenance.
  • He was straining every nerve to gear up the rank and file to backup the Organization’s demands for their eventual accomplishment.
  • His disciplined hard work, , backed by a devoted commitment to the cause of our Association members, have enabled him to scale formidable peaks, and elevate him as FINANCE SECRETARY from circle level and ALL INDIA LEVEL. He had a great role in ensuring continued UNITY among the rank and file of our association in all circles.
  • He is an unassuming person. He practiced what he preached, honest and never feared to speak the truth and that makes him a good and great LEADER.
  • In meetings, he listens to criticisms with a simple smile and never explodes. While replying to discussions, his words are measured, balanced and provoked none. The greatness of this MAN is his natural simplicity, strength of character, intellectual integrity and transparent life.
  • On behalf of the August body, we congratulate and felicitate you.
  • We salute and wish you further success in all your endeavors.
  • Com. J.Badrinarayanan worked as DE MAM Intl and was transferred to AP Circle. A thorough switching person, he has contributed his best towards the better services of our company. He had a major and vital role in the successful roll out of FTTH in Chennai Telephones. Recognition for his hard work and contribution was recorded by the department and he was presented with the meritorious Sanchar Seva Padak Award in 2002.
  • In the Trade union side also, Sri J.Badrinarayanan, has colorfully marked his place. Right from the beginning, he was actively participating in trade union activities, be it in JTOA, TESA, AIBSNLEA & AIBSNLOA.
  • His dedicated service both in Chennai Telephones as well as in our Association deserves appreciation. The presence of this large gathering itself is a sign of his popularity. He is actively involved in all the activities of our Association.
  • While turning the pages of history in his journey so far, one will find that Com. J. Badrinarayanan has been responsible and instrumental in organizing our Haddows RD Division unit and also made it a vibrant unit.

               He is the BS of the Haddows Road Division and ACS of our circle body now.

  • For any call from the circle for raising of funds, he will be the first person to commit for the 100% contribution fixed by the circle for his branch and achieve it.
  •  His contribution both to the growth of BSNL as well as to the welfare of the members is innumerable. At all places, he played an indomitable role and left his mark permanently.
  • His discipline hard work,  and a sharp intelligent mind that can think well ahead with clarity, backed by a dedicated commitment to the cause of OUR comrades have enabled him to scale formidable peaks. . He had a great role in ensuring continued unity among the rank and file of our cadre.
  • The pertinent questions that he raises at the right platforms and the perseverance with which he pursues them have brought him a dare-devil image. His outspokenness and militant approach are assets which have won the minds of many people.
  • He is a person of both, unassuming simplicity and natural human.
  • The greatness of this MAN is his natural simplicity, strength of character, intellectual integrity and transparent life. His dedicated and matured approach in dealing with the problems, presence of mind and sense of timing are the plus points of Com.J.Badrinarayanan.
  • On behalf of our Circle, We congratulate and felicitate you,we salute and wish you all success in the days to come.
  • Circle Secretary deeply regret for failing to retain Com.J.Badrinarayanan, ACS & Com.V. Gurumurthy, FS in ChTD.

Other issues:

Though the Technical Handbook was delivered to all our members right on time, it is a very pathetic situation on the realization of money on this front. With the year almost coming to an end I earnestly request all the Branch Office bearers to pay little attention and ensure that all the diaries distributed are accounted for the money. I also request the Divisional Office Bearers to involve them self and get ready in advance for the distribution of next year’s Diary.


Comrades, to conclude, it is once again requested to all the Branch Office bearers and CEC members to participate actively in the deliberations thus enabling a clear direction to the Circle Body. You were aware that right from April 2002, when we remained intact with erstwhile TESA and in all the subsequent amalgamations and separation, our Chennai Circle had the tradition of deliberating the prevailing situation in depth with no bias towards any one side. Hence having gone through the full report above I request all those present to actively interact and find a way out for the future keeping in mind the Membership verification process due in May 2015. Once we take a clear decision, it becomes the responsibility of one and all of us in this CEC to update our base level members about the ground reality and explain the day’s proceedings and the decisions taken. 

Since we are conducting this CEC well in advance contradictory to our usual practice of convening in December every year, I on behalf of myself and also on behalf of Circle body extend a warm, peaceful and happy and prosperous New year 2015 to one and all.   

With warm regards,

Comradely yours



Letter addressed to CGM ChTD on 26/11/14 by Circle Secretary regarding Re-arrangment of officers of JAG/SAG level and Enforcing uniform method of posting officers to CPT.

22.08.2014:Promotion to DE/AGM grade on regular basis:

BSNL CO has issued promotion and posting orders in DE/AGM grade on regular basis.

View Promotion list in Excel Format also    Congrat's one and all
(32 Executives retained in CHTD out of 152 CHTD Executives)

19-08-2014:  The CWC of AIBSNLOA at Bhopal on 16-08-2014 was attended by Com.B.Ganesan our president along with CS, AIFS, ACS-1, Com.S.Arumugaraj our CWC-Member, Com.T.Thiagarajan our OS-Central & Com.S.Shritharan our DS-Admn-Division.


As per notified Agenda, the Association Flag was hoisted by our Founder General Secretary Com.V.P.Arya amidst slogan shouting of our comrades. The deliberations on crucial issues were extremely participative in nature across the various Circles. During the time between 12.00 Hrs and 15.00 hrs there was an open session attended by senior officers of M.P Circle and the input from the speakers were very useful for the development of BSNL. In rare show of unity, the open session was represented by all the CS &CP of AIBSNLEA, SNEA, and AIGETOA & SEWA of M.P.Circle.


The deliberations continued at 3.45 p.m after a grand Lunch and it lasted till 11.00 p.m. Finally on the crucial issue of membership verification, there was unanimity amongst the participants and the CWC authorized our GS to explore all the possibilities available before him and to proceed with the best option taking into consideration the overall future interest of the Association without compromising our respect and dignity.


“HR” - A Missing link


 My beloved Comrades,

          Any DPC is a curse for our Chennai Telephones’ Executives since we are always running short of vacancies as against the eligible list promoted. However on each occasion, despite the vacancy constraint, we could find some saviors to get relief by way of pressurizing the BSNL CO on the need to retain as much Executives in Ch.TD as possible, highlighting our dedicated performance. On the Association front, this is time for us to recollect the tireless efforts and contribution of Com.S.BASU, Com.G.L.JOGI and Com.W.Seshagiri Rao at CHQ. Similarly on the official front, the rapport of Ch.TD administration with the BSNL CO was beyond compare in those days whomsoever was at the helm of affairs and especially we bow our heads to Sri.G.Selvam our Retired GM (HR&Admn) who was instrumental in ensuring the welfare of Executives of Chennai Telephones during time of crisis and has co ordinated the whole issue during those critical moments for us. Even during the worst period of July 2010 DPC, we were able to get retention for  about 12 Executives (though permitted to assume charge in  a time frame) despite NIL vacancy thanks to the authority and command of the Sri.A.Subramanian the then CGM-Ch.TD.

          Coming to this DPC in July 2013, right from the day one our Chennai Telephones Administration was tumbling in the whole issue. To start with the sanctioned strength of our Ch.TD was projected as 154 against the actual of 161 in July 2013 that itself has sealed the fate of Seven Senior Executives to get a permanent posting order in Chennai. On 19-07-2013, when the BSNL CO suddenly decided to reserve 15% of sanctioned strength in each Circle for future MT recruits, it complicated the issue further and all the Executive Associations had pleaded with the Ch.TD Administration to depute a senior Officer to BSNL CO for ensuring that the required number of Executives are posted to our Circle if we were to sustain our growth.  We have even brought to the Administration’s notice  that on the contrary, the Senior Officers of Circles like WB,PB,ETP and Kerala are camping at  BSNL CO  and are trying to take away a lion’s share from this list of Executives and a mere silence was the answer for this information.

          The only solace for us from the local Administration all through these days of this DPC was that we were able to get instant letters to the BSNL CO citing the vacancy position and the need to retain Executives as and when requested by us.  However due to the efforts of Associations on one side and based on merits in certain individual cases the BSNL CO permitted for about 35 Executives to get retained in Chennai up to 31-3-2014.

          The Lok Sabha Elections provided a breather for all these Executives beyond 31-03-2014, and around three months could be gained for their continued stay in Chennai that helped our Administration also in many ways especially with regard to achieving targets. This cooling period was utilized effectively by all the Associations more specifically our AIBSNLOA to firm up the issue and we presented the case in clear terms to all the senior level management in the hierarchy, right from our Addl GM (HR&ADMN)-Chennai up to CMD-BSNL. We have also taken care to ensure the Administrative Machinery namely the DOT and our Honorable Minister are also kept informed of the developmental activities in Chennai and the need to ensure sufficient middle management Officers for smooth co ordination and Execution of works if the BSNL-CHTD is to sustain the growth it has achieved for the past two years.

          To make certain that no “Divide and Rule” policy was adopted by the Management, all the three Executive Associations also ensured to put up a united face as far as the retention in Chennai for our colleagues is concerned.

          Even though, right through these three months starting from April 2014, the deed and action of local Administration made one and all to strongly believe that the permanent retention of these 35 Executives is a foregone conclusion, we are constrained to observe that the local Administration failed to cash in this situation and to put a tough bargain with our BSNL CO. Instead it was too late when we realized the real face of our Local Administration, the moment they served a Struck off order around 18.17 Hrs through the WAN. The Rosy picture presented to us by the Sr.GM(HR&ADMN) and our CGM up till the last minute on 30-07-2014 when we met them on a courtesy call to ensure nothing goes out of hand on 31-07-2014 now reminds us of the treatment a Goat normally receives before being taken to a slaughter House.

          Comrades, adding fuel to the fire, was the concerted follow up effort of the Administration Team on 01-08-2014 to delete the names of these Senior Dedicated Executives in the HR Package under the personal supervision of senior Officers at our HR & ADMN wing. It is an irony that on 31-07-2014, most of these affected Executives were in the Roads of Chennai attending Faults unaware of the fact that they are no more in the rolls of Chennai.

          Next in the sequence was another onslaught from our Administration that directed all the controlling DGMs to ensure delivery of Relieving orders to all these Executives, an action amounting to beating a Dead Snake. This action also reminds us the sequence of events followed for implementation of a Court order in a  Death Sentence for a Convict which will read as “ The convict will be hanged to death till he breathes his last” and the Jail Authorities will remove the shackle from the neck of the convict only after the Doctors Declare him as Dead. Kudos to our Administration in Chennai for ensuring successful implementation of -------- to all these 27 Executives at one stroke which is a rare feat and a blatant and calculated violation of basic Human Rights.      

          Unable to digest this torture, when we pressured our CHQ to take up this case with the BSNL CO, we were shocked to observe a reply from the Sr.GM (Pers) BSNL CO that the BSNL CO only questioned our Local Administration on the status report of a Court Case that is to be filed as a reply on 1st August 2014 and no instruction whatsoever was given for the Relieving of these 27 Executives on 31-07-2014 other than earlier issued orders. The clear fact that our CGM wrote a letter to BSNL CO on 25th July 2014 despite receiving a struck off instructions on 14-07-2014 made one to believe naturally that the fate of 27 Executives is  in safe hands. However the reality was the other way that clearly vindicates our stand in the earlier paragraphs of this write up that our Local Management was only waiting for an opportune moment to take revenge on all these 27 dedicated Executives for reasons best known to them.  

          To conclude, we propose to submit to our BSNL CO that renaming of Administrative role in the Circle Office level with Human Resources & Administration is nothing but a mockery of the term “Human Resources” and let us revert back to the older version of Administration itself.

          We will be failing in our duty if we do not recognize with gratitude the positive role played by all the Area General Managers when we approached them for using their good offices on the issue of retention for these 27 Executives. Perhaps they also must have realized by now the other side of the coin.

To sum up:

  The Call was sudden, the blow severe-

- To part with a group that worked for betterment of BSNL-CHTD.

But only those ( ? ) who have lost can tell-

-the pain of parting without saying a farewell.”

Comradely yours,



07-06-2014: In continuation of our constant perusal to get permanent retention for all the Executives promoted to STS (Adhoc), and retained up to 31-03-2014 , we have further escalated the issue at our Minister’s level. We have submitted a memorandum to our Minister through his office. Click here to view our representation.



Circle Secretary along with Circle President Com.B.Ganesan, FS Com.V.Gurumurthy, ACS-Com.J.Badrinarayanan and our Circle Office Branch President Com.N.Mohan met Shri.M.F.Farooqui Secretary to Department  of Telecommunications, Govt of India, at the Office of the CGM-Chennai Telephones today at 10.00 Hrs and submitted a Memorandum requesting him to use  his Good Offices and to advise BSNL Management on the need for permanent retention of  35 STS of Gr’A (Adhoc) Executives in Chennai beyond 31-3-2014.

Secretary DOT had a patient hearing of our views, went through our memorandum, appreciated our concern and assured to have a discussion with CMD-BSNL in this regard. We hope to get the best possible results.

Subsequently a copy of the memorandum was handed over to our CGM in his Office since we could not meet our CGM in person. Click and read our request …..



                                                       Evolution of AIBSNLOA

My beloved Comrades, 

It is 12 Years since we are together. The platform from where we are functioning might have undergone name changes and persons may come and go but our ideology (Un blemished service to members even if one were to sacrifice his/her self interest) remains as it is. Our Friends & Well Wishers (wherever they are) who have understood us in depth have acknowledged it at one occasion or the other. 

A quick recap of how we marched ahead all these years is a necessity for all of us to cherish our memory. It is Chennai Telephones Comrades who defied all the hurdles in April 2002 and ensured a Check on planned hijack of TESA(I). But for the initiative of veterans like Com.V.Chinna Pappiah (DGM-Rtd),Com..S.PiraviPerumal(AGM-Rtd)&Com .Ganesan (DGM-Rtd{Late}), the present AIBSNLEA would have been a thing of the past. It is in Chennai on 18th & 19Th April 2002, we provided a Launch Pad for protecting TESA (I) and from there upon there was no turning back for Com.S.Basuji. Later he went on to form CCC, a group of Nine (Plus one-CTD) Associations with varied interests but still a united force to ensure the interests of the Executives are not sacrificed. Subsequently this likeminded group finally decided to amalgamate in to a single entity namely AIBSNLEA on 1st May 2005 ? a  glorious day for all the Executives of BSNL. As loyal soldiers our Chennai Comrades enthusiastically involved themselves with AIBSNLEA even after the departure of Com.S.Basu from the centre stage.

Unable to digest the everlasting influence of Com.S.Basuji in the minds of Senior Activists, the AIBSLNEA ,CHQ pulled strings from the bottom that resulted in isolation of CHQ with the mainstream in Tamil Nadu & Chennai initially, followed by many places across the Country in subsequent months. We in Chennai had no option but to heed to the advice of majority in our CEC and decided to join the AIBSNLOA Bandwagon on 7th March 2009.To firm up our decision we had a grand Circle Conference in April 2010 along with our Tamil Nadu comrades. Being stabbed at the back twice within a span of six years, our CHQ with Com.V.P.Arya at the helm of affairs has to start everything afresh. Of course with a determined followers, we are moving ahead slowly and our CHQ now under the strong leadership of Com.Rakesh Sethi is now a force to reckon with across BSNL. Despite severe Resource Constraint, we are able to conduct three CWCs and one All India Conference.

Comrades, like bringing up a baby, forming as Association and developing it further is a formidable task and we have been doing remarkably well in this process with all the support from our dedicated Comrades right through these 12 Years.  

On the eve of completion of twelve years of our long Association, unmindful of reciprocate individual benefits, I have no words to express my gratitude to all our members and well wishers for being a part of this esteem group. It is nothing but sheer dedication and tremendous faith reposed in our Association AIBSNLOA by one and all that make us proud.  

We might not have achieved many things at par with others, but we have really achieved a sense of togetherness in being a part of AIBSNLOA. We never approached the Management (Both at Chennai & at CHQ) for any undue favoritism. We have always been transparent in all our decision making process and never compromised ourselves when it comes to the question of survival of BSNL. We have even gone to the extent of initiating a dialogue with other Associations when it comes to the question of Members welfare. It is the support of dedicated members that makes us to air our views openly in public be it in functions like Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations or through our web site or through our correspondences with the Management.  

Comrades let us keep up the momentum. We will prove that we are on the right path with our principled approach and days are not far off when the AIBSNLOA flag will fly high amidst various other groups in BSNL.

With best wishes,

Yours comradely,


20th April 2014


06-01-14: Our  BSNL Executive’s Diary 2014 (Perfect) is ready for distribution to our Members/Officers. Our COBs, DSs and D/ Committees may co-ordinate and collect it from No.20 Haddows Road Telephones Exchange, Chennai -6 at the earliest.

08-01-14: Diary 2014 -started on and from 07/01/2014.


08-01-2014:Executive Promotion Policy[EPP]-clarifications as per Ref no:400-29/2007-Pers.1 dtd 30/05/2007
"the Exectives who are retiring within a period of 2 years from the date of issuance of Time Bound IDA Scale Up gradation order,shall be exempted from such Training"
09-12-2013:Attn of our  Retired employess of BSNL & DOT : BSNL Circle office has issued the instructions for allotting the vacant quarters to retired employess of BSNL & and read Guidlines...


The First CEC of our AIBSNLOA-CHTD was held on Tuesday the 26th November 2013 at JeevanJyothi Hall, Egmore Chennai 600008. After the customary welcome address by President Com.B.Ganesan,DGM and the introduction of members, the CS presented his report for the last Eight Months.

The report covered in detail all the aspects including the crucial DPC JULY 2013 from SDE to STS. There were free and open discussion on all the points put forth in the C.S Report. Senior comrades who took active part in the deliberation analyzed the CS report in depth and appreciated the efforts of our Association in the crucial DPC-2013 for SDEs. At the same time these senior comrades also strongly protested against lack of any guided principles in retaining the Officers at Chennai. While accepting the constraint faced by our CHQ at Delhi, the members insisted on more transparent approach.  On the whole the deliberations and the final sum up of the events with regard to the DPC-2013 was a fruitful one with the air being cleared of even the slightest inhibitions.

 Similarly on all the other issues presented in the report there were detailed exchange of ideas and the members  appreciated the efforts of COB in handling the critical issues including the recent BSNL CO guidelines on posting of Office Bearers in Administration and Vigilance.

Com.L.Sundararaman our Ex-President was invited as a special Invitee to this meeting and he enlightened the members on the importance of Unity and the growing strength of AIBSNLOA over the years that is attributable mainly because of dedication and commitment of members.  

During the course of discussion on Divisional Secretaries Report, the CEC also approved the merger of Kellys Division with the Administration Division. As a follow up of detailed deliberations several Resolutions aimed mainly towards improvement of BSNL Services were passed and these are being submitted to our local Management.

  2. CS Report in our CEC on 26-11-2013.
20/11/13 Circle Secretary written a letter to CGM Chennai Telephones regarding Rearrangement of Executives in SAG Level.