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Membership Form

Edited and Published by P.UDAYASURIYAN, Circle Secretary

044-24359561/ Fax:24350900/ 09444404111/  Membership form


     " Anaivarukum Ramzan Nal valthukal"


Our CS along Circle President, AIFS  and  ACS met Sr.GM(North)  and Sr.GM( Central) on 22-07-2014 and impressed them on the need to  retain the STS-Adhoc  Executives of their  respective Area (North,TXM,Central respectively) beyond 31-7-2014 if the growth momentum of BSNL-Ch.TD is to be sustained. Both the Senior Officers were quite receptive and patiently heard our view and agreed to take up with CGM  the impending need to retain Executives of their Area.

Subsequently our CS met GM(South) and PGM(Dev-CFA) on 24-07-2014 and sought their good offices with CGM to be used for retention of Executives beyond 31-07-2014 pertaining to their jurisdiction.  Both of them agreed to our request and confirmed that they will take up the case with CGM positively.

AIBSNLOA wishes to inform our Colleagues that we are ensuring all the possible channels of our hope is explored and justice is done to the dedicated Executives of Chennai Telephones irrespective of their Association affinity.



To sustain the pressure on our Administration, CS and FS met our Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) today and briefed her about the meeting of all the three Executive Associations’ Circle Secretary with CGM, Chennai Telephones. We have requested Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) to use her good offices and help the 26 DE to get retained permanently in Chennai. Sr.GM (HR & ADMN) assured us that she will do her level best and write to BSNL CO as per directions from HOC.  Subsequently we also discussed about various other issues including deployment of TTAs that is crucial for the Field Units.



The Circle Secretaries of AIBSNLOA,AIBSNLEA and SNEA(I), met CGM on 18.07.2014  and from 14.30 hrs ,submitted a letter to retain all the AGMs/DEs, who have been retained upto 31.03.14 on their promotion. Requested CGM to take up the matter immediately with BSNL,CO,New Delhi, CGM was kind enough to listen our request and assured us  for the retention of the all DEs.

Kindly click and read letter further …..


AIBSNLOA Chennai Telephones consistently pursues achieving retention of recently promoted AGMs owing to existing vacancies.

Frequent meeting with Ch TD Administration as well as pursuance with our CHQ is well aware to everyone through regular website updates.

Consequent to BSNL CO plans for according regular promotion to these DE/AGM(Adhoc) orders are issued currently with directions to respective Circles for relieving (26)all those Executives who are retained in their parent Circles up to 31-03-14. This indeed is a dangerously alarming situation of mass transfer of about 26 AGMs from out of Chennai TD and is the challenge to both the Management and this Association of our Circle.

On 15th and 16-07-14: Our CS, CP, FS and ACS of AIBSNLOA Ch TD have met Sr.GM (North), Sr. GM (TX / EB / Central) and GMS&M (CFA/CM/BB) to request their support in retaining all these AGMs in our Circles. Considering growth records in first quarter and to maintain as well as accelerate growth rate in the forthcoming quarters, at a time and altogether transfer of 26 AGMs from our Circle would seriously hamper ongoing works and Network maintenance and cannot be risked at all in this crucial time. Hence, these  GM & Sr.GMs assured that they would take up this case with our Administration so that all these AGMs under transfer would be retained and to be accommodated in existing vacancies in our Circle itself.

Our Circle Office bearers who met these Officers thanked them for this stand with request to pursue this cause with our Administration and in turn with BSNL CO to result in retaining all of them in our Circle.

 On 17-07-14: Subsequently, our Circle Secretary  met  our CGM, Chennai Telephones with urgent request so as to immediately take up this serious issue with BSNL to halt mass transfer from out of our Circle CO that faces strong competition from our Competitors and upholding task of Network expansion and maintenance.

Despite the facts that:

1)      63  more AGM posts are anticipated to become vacant by Dec’14, (as on date 55 STS vacancies are available)

2)      as per BSNL Executives’ Transfer policy is against any transfer in the middle of any academic year ,

3)      as of now present case of mass transfer cannot be treated as promotion due the very fact that all of them are presently working as DEs/AGMs in this Circle,

4)      CGM Chennai Telephones time and again has appealed BSNL CO for retention of all these Executives owing to existing vacancies and this has not been taken to be acted with its true seriousness of highly competitive and highly demanding situations this Metro District facing hectic multi-cornered competition from private players, and

5)      The seriousness that would surely hamper the growth of this Circle

BSNL CO has to be urgently pursued and pressurized to act upon to retain these Executives and to be posted in this Circle. 

Options like joint move along with other Associations is also proposed at the immediately.

Our GS is also taking this issue with CMD,BSNL CO.

Kindly read, request to our CGM letter…


147 CASE  Final hearing in the month of september’2014. Exact date will be known in the couple of days.


04/07/2014: Circle Secretary has  submitted a letter to our CGM-CHTD


3rd CEC of our Association was held as per schedule at Jeevana Jyothi Hall on 24-06-14.

Circle President Com.B.Ganesan welcomed the gathering with announcement of that day’s scheduled agenda.

CS read out his report to the gathering and subsequently Com. J.Badrinarayanan, ACS who has participated despite he being indisposed and on leave on health grounds. He has highlighted the utmost needed steps towards garnering Membership strength in our Circle and in all other Circles to win in the ensuing Membership verification scheduled for Dec’14. He has called for all the Division Heads to enroll more Members for our Association, Collecting to repay the dues towards Diary’14 for our Members from our Association and pressure to be put in retaining promoted Executives in our Circle itself and to be accommodated in the existing vacancies so as to prevent mass transfer that may be costly in this competitive business scenario. Members spoke on efficient maintenance of Battery and Power Plant for assured service quality for our BSNL Chennai TD services to our Customers.

Our DS TAM&CHR having worked in External unit and now in GSM explained briefly the predicaments that stand against accumulating faults in Pillars highlighting prevailing anomalies and shortcomings in Clarity package. Pillars are getting allotted to Gang Leaders and not to each Phone Mechanic due to which many un sincere ones are indifferent by even switching off their mobiles many times and hard to trace or track while only some sincere and devoted work and clear the faults. The same defect is not in vogue in adjacent Circle and hence every one of the Area Phone Mechanic are equally loaded and made to work. Also, there is fallback additional charge arrangements when any of their colleague goes on leave to ultimately result in unaccumulation of any cable or customer line fault.

CS stressed every field Executive to devise own methods to prop up to correct this situation and direct blocking SIM of such errant line staff.

To the query raised by one member on long duration OFC fault and pendency, CS mentioned that more and more emphasis towards well maintained TX Network is being stressed and similar measures would be continued.

On the query of DS who pointed out the delayed decision making on the part of Sr. GM who oversees EB, TXM and Central Area, CS highlighted the consistent pursuance of this Sr. GM with Accounts and appropriate other units for sorting out pending issues in prudent and timely manner despite his tight and multiple additionally held charges.

DS HQ explained urgent need for earliest inputs to BSNL CO on consolidation as projection to allot VRLA Battery sets to our Circle. He also mentioned that only 6% of the projected requirement would be allotted by BSNL CO to every Circle which may be noted while giving inputs by Areas.      

Members raised doubts on the points from the CS report like Bill settlement issues to our BSNL Contractors, CPT SSA transfer on counseling, etc., for which President informed that consolidated answer on all the raised queries would be coming again from CS.

CS replied the participating Members for their points and some of them are

 (a) preparations for Membership verification would be taken up in consultation with GS at CHQ for all Circles

(b) Issues regarding settlement of contractor bill would be taken up in appropriate levels of Engg and Finance sides at the earliest

(c) Any prevailing bottlenecks and issues are to be brought to the notice of CS by the Office Bearers at Division levels and good work in respect of our Organization and Association must be upheld to be discharged to safe guard the interests of our Organization and the flag of our Association. CS would ensure timely redressal for the put forth issues from Members / Divisions.

CS explained the strategy adopted in retaining all the Executives beyond 31-03-2014 to be sustained by our Circle level. Further needed pursuance are being escalated by continued efforts from our Association through our GS and CHQ.

Felicitation of 6 senior retiring / retired Comrades began with special address by our special invitee and Senior  Comrade V. Nambi Rajan, Retired DGM.  He and all participant Members / DOBs / COBs fondly recalled their individual association with every one of these senior retiring Comrades while in service in our Circle. All these senior comrades reciprocated the felicitations by recalling the reminiscences of Association with Members in their brief acceptance speech.

The morning session concluded with felicitation by President followed by lunch.

Afternoon session began with address by Division Secretaries / Heads along with their duly filled up form circulated by FS. Every one of them assured of timely subscription payment on earliest collection before the end of July’14 and presented prevailing local issues.

Main issue of concern is the pending contractor bill payment, earliest needed responsibility fixation towards field work up to the level of Gr-D / Phone Mechanic, retention to our Circle for the recently promoted comrades, devising strategy to successfully face the ensuing Membership verification.

CS once again answered their concerns for each of their points and to mention that strategies would be finalized soon in consultation with our GS.

Meeting concluded with report by FS wherein he urged to update subscription payment as well as earliest paid due for the Dairy’14 along with vote of thanks to conclude our 3rd CEC.

Next CEC is tentatively proposed to be held in Nov’14. It is once again requested that all Members and Divisional and Circle level office bearers to organize Division level Meetings of our Association, timely paid subscription and Diary’14 dues and improve Membership base for our Association which only will strengthen us for the future.

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13-06-2014: Our Circle Executive Committee Meeting is to be held on 24/06/2014 at 9:45 hrs at “CONFERENCE HALL” JIVANA JYOTI, ICSA [Opp. Egmore   Musium] No:107,  Pantheon Road, Egmore , Chennai-600-008.(Phone No. 28194905/ 28193244/ 42145726) .

      Agenda will release  very soon.


07/06/2014 :  All our  COBs and Divisional Secretaries are requested to attend our Emergency Meeting at Haddows Road Canteen on 10/06/2014 at 17.15hrs.Agenda will publish in the meeting.


07-06-2014: In continuation of our constant perusal to get permanent retention for all the Executives promoted to STS (Adhoc), and retained up to 31-03-2014 , we have further escalated the issue at our Minister’s level. We have submitted a memorandum to our Minister through his office. Click here to view our representation.



We are extremely thankful to our CGM (Despite his busy schedule with a full day Management Review Meeting on 28-5-2014) and the entire Chennai Telephones Administration for their instant reaction to our request  day before yesterday  for sending one more letter to DIR-BSNL CO addressed by our CGM on the need to retain all the Executives permanently in Chennai beyond 31-03-2014. The efforts of all the Officers involved (SDE-Admn, AGM-Admn, Addl GM-Admn and our Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) in releasing an important letter at such a short notice is extremely laudable.



1. CS  & ACS met our Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) in her chamber on27/5/14 @ 15.45 hrs and requested the effective intervention of Chennai Telephones Administration in the retention of Executives beyond 31-03-14.Sr.GM(HR&ADMN) assured the best possible efforts from our Chennai Telephones Administration side to retain all the Executives.

2. Circle Secretary along with ACS Com.J.Badrinarayanan,CWC-Member Com.S.ArumugaRaj,Com.B.Manjunath,FS and other members of Circle Office Branch met Sri.C.Panner Selvam our AGM (Establishment) who is retiring this month in his chamber  on 27-05-2014 at 15.00 Hrs and honored him with Shawl and wished him a prosperous Retired life. AGM(Estt) recalled his long Association with our CS and appreciated the efforts of our Association in the development of BSNL. All the Executives present along with us recalled the un biased attitude of Sri.C.Panner Selvam during his entire Tenure as AGM(E).


26-05-2014:   Circle Secretary met our CGM today at 18.00 to 18:40hrs in his Chamber and handed over one more representation on behalf of AIBSNLOA-CHTD to the CGM insisting on the need for our CGM to take up effectively with the BSNL CO, the issue of retention of Executives in Chennai on a permanent basis. After going through the points mentioned in the letter, our CGM appreciated our efforts and also explained in detail the efforts initiated by the local Administration in this regard. However, the CGM agreed to write to BSNL CO once again on the need to retain all these Executives and also agreed to speak to Sr.GM (Pers) BSNL CO at the earliest. Click and read our request letter………..



Circle Secretary along with Circle President Com.B.Ganesan, FS Com.V.Gurumurthy, ACS-Com.J.Badrinarayanan and our Circle Office Branch President Com.N.Mohan met Shri.M.F.Farooqui Secretary to Department  of Telecommunications, Govt of India, at the Office of the CGM-Chennai Telephones today at 10.00 Hrs and submitted a Memorandum requesting him to use  his Good Offices and to advise BSNL Management on the need for permanent retention of  35 STS of Gr’A (Adhoc) Executives in Chennai beyond 31-3-2014.

Secretary DOT had a patient hearing of our views, went through our memorandum, appreciated our concern and assured to have a discussion with CMD-BSNL in this regard. We hope to get the best possible results.

Subsequently a copy of the memorandum was handed over to our CGM in his Office since we could not meet our CGM in person. Click and read our request …..


CS has letter submitted to CGM & PGM(Finance) regarding Deficiencies affecting growth of BSNL CHTD (Financial Issues).Click and read more.........

06-05-2014: Circle Secretary met our CGM today at 10.10 Hrs and handed over a copy of the letter addressed to CMD-BSNL by our GS requesting for permanent retention of DE’s retained up to 31-03-2014 in Chennai Telephones.  CGM appreciated our constant persuasion in this regard and we requested our CGM to take up the case with BSNL CO so that the need to retain Executives in Chennai is still more absorbed.

Later a copy of the GS letter addressed to CMD-BSNL was handed over to our Sr.GM (HR&Admn) and Addl GM(HR & Admn) also.


05-05-2014:  OUR GS -CHQ Request for Permanent Retention in Chennai TD-DE(ADHOC)-regarding    kindly click and read more....

26-04-2014 Circle Secretary along with FS Com.V.Gurumurthy and ACS Com.J.Badrinarayanan met our CGM on 25/04/14 at 11.00 Hrs. Despite his busy schedule, including the reviews related with the SAG/JAG meeting slated for 26-4-14, our CGM was kind enough to offer an appointment and discussed with us for 2&1/2 hour on certain important HR issues concerned with the Transfer and posting of Executives and also certain Development related issues.

Prior to this meeting our CS briefed the Addl GM (HR&ADMN) on 24/4/14(a/n)about the points of concern and these points were also in continuation of our earlier meeting with the Sr.GM (HR&Admn) on 14-3-2014. Hence our Discussion today with CGM were also mainly on the above lines and the following issues are discussed with the CGM

  1. Posting of DE in ARD EXTL, a commercially important Area left unmanned from August 2013.
  2. Posting of DE for ARD Building in view of the importance of units like GSM, Tandem and other sections including HOI and Inspection Quarters located in this premises.
  3. We requested our CGM that to the extent possible the Officers must be posted back to their unit after their return from Long Leave else an option must be offered to them.
  4. We explained the discrepancies in the posting orders issued in respect of JTOs (on promotion from TTAs) recently and requested our CGM not to stick to policies if certain officers in the list by themselves are willing to work in CPT-SSA.
  5. We also informed that by following a newly devised principle of not retaining the Official in the same unit on promotion, certain pockets in TXM are dumped with Officers leaving the other units in the lurch. (e.g ABT-TXM &MBM vis a vis KKN & STM).
  6. We have pointed out that while Female JTOs are shifted from BTS Maintenance citing practical difficulties in day to day work, the same locations were offered for female SDEs during counseling which could have been avoided. We also requested for suitable modification order for the affected Female Executive.
  7. We reiterated our long pending demand of reviving the DGM (O&M) at Madhavaram that will arrest the declining trend in CFA of this Area and also lead to better monitoring. (To cite a specific issue one pillar in MVM-TTN Area is submerged under Drainage/working cables on Road for quite some time and this is yet to be resolved).
  8. We submitted that while the posting and Transfer in the interest of service is effected without concerning about the stipulated time frame of one year stay at a particular post,  this yardstick is strictly applied in case of genuine request transfer cases even on clear medical grounds that too  duly recommended and forwarded by DGM and Area GM. ( we reiterated to our CGM that while the Management’s prerogative cannot be questioned, but due importance to the cases on merit basis need to be given.)
  9. Similarly we submitted that any transfers or re-arrangement that involves change of wok place to a far away location even if it be within the same GM must be carried out with the consent of concerned Officers only or else these Officers can be transferred to the place of their choice if found surplus in that unit.
  10. We expressed our concern that the transfer orders are implemented within the time frame by following strict instructions like non drawal of salary etc., only with respect to Executives while Non Executive Transfer  Orders are not implemented with the same spirit.
  11. With the spate of retirements, the shortage in almost all cadres is difficult to manage. Therefore we requested our CGM to initiate a work study, (Started by the then DGM(Admn) Sri.K.Chandran but abruptly stopped) for which our CGM responded positively and also agreed to call for a meeting with all the Associations in this aspect.

 Finally, we have appraised our CGM on the need to improve our HR perspective and the necessity for the Top Management to at least hear the views of aggrieved individuals (officers/staff) with regard to their concern. We requested our CGM to ensure that the stipulated personal grievance redressal mechanism is put back in force as practiced earlier and also requested that Senior Officers must not hesitate in meeting the individual Officers when an appointment to express genuine cause is sought for. The very fact that one’s views are heard and responded positively will boost the morale of the Executives irrespective of whether a solution is found out or not. This was appreciated very much by our HOC and he has agreed to instruct the Senior Officers suitably.

Comrades, we are glad to inform that as a consequence of our constant persuasion the revised orders with respect to point no 5 above has been issued by the Administration today(25/04/14) itself. We express our deep appreciation to the Management for responding positively.



                                                       Evolution of AIBSNLOA

My beloved Comrades, 

It is 12 Years since we are together. The platform from where we are functioning might have undergone name changes and persons may come and go but our ideology (Un blemished service to members even if one were to sacrifice his/her self interest) remains as it is. Our Friends & Well Wishers (wherever they are) who have understood us in depth have acknowledged it at one occasion or the other. 

A quick recap of how we marched ahead all these years is a necessity for all of us to cherish our memory. It is Chennai Telephones Comrades who defied all the hurdles in April 2002 and ensured a Check on planned hijack of TESA(I). But for the initiative of veterans like Com.V.Chinna Pappiah (DGM-Rtd),Com..S.PiraviPerumal(AGM-Rtd)&Com .Ganesan (DGM-Rtd{Late}), the present AIBSNLEA would have been a thing of the past. It is in Chennai on 18th & 19Th April 2002, we provided a Launch Pad for protecting TESA (I) and from there upon there was no turning back for Com.S.Basuji. Later he went on to form CCC, a group of Nine (Plus one-CTD) Associations with varied interests but still a united force to ensure the interests of the Executives are not sacrificed. Subsequently this likeminded group finally decided to amalgamate in to a single entity namely AIBSNLEA on 1st May 2005 ? a  glorious day for all the Executives of BSNL. As loyal soldiers our Chennai Comrades enthusiastically involved themselves with AIBSNLEA even after the departure of Com.S.Basu from the centre stage.

Unable to digest the everlasting influence of Com.S.Basuji in the minds of Senior Activists, the AIBSLNEA ,CHQ pulled strings from the bottom that resulted in isolation of CHQ with the mainstream in Tamil Nadu & Chennai initially, followed by many places across the Country in subsequent months. We in Chennai had no option but to heed to the advice of majority in our CEC and decided to join the AIBSNLOA Bandwagon on 7th March 2009.To firm up our decision we had a grand Circle Conference in April 2010 along with our Tamil Nadu comrades. Being stabbed at the back twice within a span of six years, our CHQ with Com.V.P.Arya at the helm of affairs has to start everything afresh. Of course with a determined followers, we are moving ahead slowly and our CHQ now under the strong leadership of Com.Rakesh Sethi is now a force to reckon with across BSNL. Despite severe Resource Constraint, we are able to conduct three CWCs and one All India Conference.

Comrades, like bringing up a baby, forming as Association and developing it further is a formidable task and we have been doing remarkably well in this process with all the support from our dedicated Comrades right through these 12 Years.  

On the eve of completion of twelve years of our long Association, unmindful of reciprocate individual benefits, I have no words to express my gratitude to all our members and well wishers for being a part of this esteem group. It is nothing but sheer dedication and tremendous faith reposed in our Association AIBSNLOA by one and all that make us proud.  

We might not have achieved many things at par with others, but we have really achieved a sense of togetherness in being a part of AIBSNLOA. We never approached the Management (Both at Chennai & at CHQ) for any undue favoritism. We have always been transparent in all our decision making process and never compromised ourselves when it comes to the question of survival of BSNL. We have even gone to the extent of initiating a dialogue with other Associations when it comes to the question of Members welfare. It is the support of dedicated members that makes us to air our views openly in public be it in functions like Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations or through our web site or through our correspondences with the Management.  

Comrades let us keep up the momentum. We will prove that we are on the right path with our principled approach and days are not far off when the AIBSNLOA flag will fly high amidst various other groups in BSNL.

With best wishes,

Yours comradely,


20th April 2014


CHQ NEWS(21.04.14): Revised IDA w.e.f. 1.4.2014: BSNL has endorsed the DPE orders revising IDA from 90.5% to 88.4% w.e.f. 1.4.2014 .

18-04-2014:A person in despair: 

Unmai Sudum”. Our Friend Sri.K.Vaithyanathan has been so disturbed by the revelation of certain facts by us and unable to digest it has started publishing something, withdrawing later and again publishing something else and modifying it later, and so on and so forth in AIBSNLEA-CHTD Website within a span of just three days in this week. 

We do not want to humiliate our Friend Sri.K.V (Really still he is our Friend leaving the issues apart) with further facts and we are stopping here. If he still feels that it is all not over, we are ready to deliberate in detail all the issues point by point (including CPT-SSA-Posting).



Due to our consistent effort (Refer letter dated 30-12-2013 addressed to CGM on the subject Drawal of salary &allowances while abroad during NOC period-Reg), The Finance wing has finally issued orders for payment of salary to those Staff & Officers on their Foreign Visits availing Leave. (till date the salary for those officials on leave during their stay away from India was paid only after their joining duty that too in CHTD alone) This paves way for a great relief to all those under Foreign Visits due to family commitments and are otherwise facing severe resource crunch.



 Circle Secretary attended the Ambedkar birthday Function organized at the Hall of Inspiration & Chaired by our CGM. Leaders of various Association/Unions attended and addressed the gathering. CS in his speech, while congratulating the merit award winners, appreciated the Welfare section in organizing these functions meticulously. Our CS also expressed concern about the non participation in this function by almost all of the Senior Management (GMs & PGMs) excepting the HR&Admn Team. 

Our CS also requested the Management to explore the possibility of utilizing a portion of the Welfare Fund towards aiding our Staff & Officers who are treated for Cancer and other Chronic Diseases.


15/04/14:       CPT SSA Tenure made 8 months: 

Thanks to persistent efforts of CS-AIBSNLEA-Chennai Telephones Sri.K.Vaithyanathan, the Tenure Period of CPT-SSA is now modified as 8 months. Read More….. 

Dear Comrades, 

Our Friend Sri.K.Vaithyanathan, CS-AIBSNLEA-CHTD [Initially Nominated CS] has spent his time and energy all these days to bring out the fact that we are working only 240 days a year and hence introduced a novel method of justifying Tenure-Station postings accordingly. The tireless effort put forth by Com.K.Vaithyanathan to discover a series of critical information like we have 30 Days of EL a year, 12 days of CL a year etc.; deserve high appreciation and kudos from all of us. Due to the complete pre occupation and workaholic nature of almost all of us (the entire Staff and Officers in BSNL-CHTD), we have no other option but to profusely thank the strenuous attempt of Com.K.Vaithyanathan in bringing out this reality to the world. 

If Com.K.Vaithyanathan had stopped at this stage, then we would have left it as such thinking it as an attempt by a senior colleague to convince his own members and also others about the impending need to accept CPT-SSA Tenure posting in a lighter vain. But to our surprise Sri.K.Vaithyanathan has started pointing fingers and made fierce attempt to deviate from the main issue and dragged in individuals.  This reminds us of the famous quote “An idle mind is the Devil’s Work shop” and if left in this situation further, we may have some more novel Ideas / Discoveries from our Sri.K.Vathyanathan. 

Under these circumstances we feel it is our duty to refresh the memories of our Comrades and all other colleagues in BSNL, with certain input about the past glory of Sri.K.Vaithyanathan [K.V]. 

Sri.K.V somehow pulled on all these years in our company (DOT / BSNL) through the help of different God Fathers on different occasions and spent most of his time either in Training Centre or in a SRoom where collective responsibility alone played a vital Role.  If one were to recall his own words he accepts openly that he will arrive late and leave early for Duty Hours. This statement should not be construed as humility or simplicity but an act out of sheer antagonism and expectation that he is above all. 

Sri.K.V has never been sincere either to his work or to his Association wherever he is. It is an open secret that his activities/participation in CEC/CWC/GB of any Association he represented were restricted to issues concerning his self interest and after that was discussed our K.V will be out of scene to be back at home and this peculiar behavior of our friend Sri.K.V is known to one and all of our Comrades wherever they are now. 

Having sucked the blood of Com.V.P.Arya the then GS of AIBSNLOA for about a week during his stay at Delhi in August 2008, and obtained a Long Stay Transfer order for himself from J&K to CHTD, this person suddenly found a savior in Com.Prahlad Rai (GS-AIBSNLEA) and switched side instantly at Delhi itself and became self appointed leader (CS-AIBSNLEA-CHTD) to get his Promotion order cum Transfer to AP circle further modified to Chennai itself. (This reminds one of the famous comedy scene depicted by Comedian Vadivelu in a Tamil Movie where the actor will say இருக்கும் கட்சியின் மேடையிலேயே வேறு ஒரு கட்சிக்கு தாவும் திறமை எனக்கு மட்டும் தான் உண்டு”)

All said and done we are also not going in to the details of Sri.K.Vaithyanathan’s where about during the long Four Months Leave period in 2010 at which point he worked out his transfer order modification from J&K Circle to ChTD and we leave it to the conscience of Com.K.Vaithyanathan. 

Coming back to Sri.K.V’s stint at CPT SSA for Eight Months (!) the real feed back with regard to his performance is to be obtained from his subordinate Officers at Chingelput External and we leave the matter as it is. However it is our duty to remind all our colleagues that even during this Tenure, our Friend had a Foreign Trip for about a month and was constantly pursuing his Transfer case not only with the then GM (HR&ADMN) Sri.Prabhakaran but also with us by seeking our Support to ensure his stay is not extended to the extent of his Foreign Trip (there-by our Friend has achieved still a reduction from 8 months to less than seven Months stay in CPT-SSA as per his own words).

Now after joining back at Chennai and even after assuming charge as DGM(L/A), Sri.K.V has not changed much and has even failed to maintain the Dignity of the Office of a Deputy General Manager Level. We do not have any regret in openly challenging the punctuality and working Hour Pattern of Sri.K.V and we leave it to the conscience of his Higher Officers and Colleagues to make a prudent decision. 

We also have no option but to feel sorry for Com.Prahlad Rai in having a Circle Secretary who neither attends any conference, nor any CWC at CHQ level but maintain only a website correspondence with his own GS. 

Finally, we wish to inform all our Friends and well wishers that even-though this much in depth analysis of an individual is totally unwarranted we are constrained to bring to limelight the details known to us since Com.K.Vaithyanathan has made a deliberate attempt to peep in to Neighbor’s House without realizing the fact that his own house itself is in disorder. To be precise it is nothing but a சாத்தான் வேதம் ஓதுகிறது.



1.Our Finance Secretary Com.V.Gurumurthy along with Com.J.Badrinarayanan ACS, Com.M.V.R.Ravi and Com.R.Padmini our CEC Members met Sri.S.Sundarrajan DGM-BBS today in his chamber and felicitated him with a shawl on his assumption of charge as DGM in Chennai Telephones.

2.Later Com.V.Gurumurthy along with Com.S.RaghuRaman our Editor met Sri.K.Manivannan DGM (SP) in his Chamber and honored him with a shawl on his assumption as DGM (SP)-CHTD.


Circle Secretary along with Com.P.Ananthi, Asst Financial Secretary and Com.N.Raghunathan Divisional Secretary  met Smt.C.S.Devika DGM(Kalmandapam) in her chamber and felicitated her on assumption as DGM-Kalmandapam-Chennai Telephones.


1.Circle Secretary met Sri.K.S.Varadharajulu DGM (Kalmandapam) in his chamber today and presented a shawl on behalf of AIBSNLOA and wished him a happy & Peaceful Retired Life.

2.Keeping with our tradition of honoring the Senior Executives irrespective of Association affinity, Circle secretary along with Com P.Velu our Vice President, and Com.N.Balasubramanian  (OS-North) met Sri.A.Ismail DE-MVM and honored him with a shawl on the eve of his super annuation today.

3.Circle secretary along with Com.N.Balasubramanaian (OS-North) met Sri.M.Asaithambi  DE Poonamalle in the meeting organized  at Poonamalle, presented a shawl  and wished him a healthy, prosperous retired Life on the eve of his super- annuation

4.On behalf of AIBSNLOA-CHTD a shawl was presented to Sri. R.Srinivasan DGM (BBS) by our Circle Secretary on 27-03-2014 in the party organized at the DGM (BBS) Office.


25-03-14[17.00 Hrs] The three Executive Association Circle Secretaries (AIBSNLOA,AIBSNLEA & SNEA) met our CGM Sri.A.Balasubramanian in his chamber today and submitted a letter detailing the need to seek permanent retention for all the Executives  (DE s retained up to 31-3-14) in Chennai. We have thanked the CGM for his initiative in this regard and further requested to take up the matter once again with BSNL CO.  The CGM appreciated the joint efforts of the three Associations in this crucial issue and assured to put in the best possible efforts.

Subsequently we also met our Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) and apprised her of the meeting we had with our CGM. Our Sr.GM (HR &ADMN) also assured that she will go as per the advice of CGM and make all possible measures to resolve this issue.

The Joint Forum of Executives’ Associations of Chennai

No. Joint Forum /Chennai /2013-14/2    Dated:  25-03-2014


Shri A.Balasubramanian,Chief General Manager

BSNL-Chennai Telephones, Chennai 600010. 

Subject: Request for Permanent Retention in Chennai -DE (Adhoc)

Ref:   BSNL CO letter no. 412-12/2013-Pers-I dated 19.7.2013.

Respected Sir,

We are extremely grateful for the Chennai Telephones Administration’s initiative to permanently retain the 35 STS Officers posted to this District till 31-3-2014 on their promotion as DE(Adhoc) vide order referred above. The CHTD Administration has taken up the issue with DIR (HR-BSNL CO) as early as 22nd February 2014 and you have clearly highlighted the priorities before the Management in carrying forward the growth earned through these days in to the next Financial Year. It is needless to say that these 35 STS Officers also played a crucial role in determining the performance of Chennai Telephones which is poised for positive growth in 2013-14.

We request our CGM, Chennai Telephones to once again take up with the BSNL CO the need to retain all these 35 dedicated STS Officers in Chennai on a permanent basis since there are as many as 63 vacancies projected in our District as on 30th June 2014 and any attempt to relieve these Officers and fill the vacancies by way of offering Look On role to the Juniors will have cascading effect on the Human Resources front and will dampen our growth prospectus. More over the implementation of ERP is round the corner with specific target fixed by the Corporate Office and the need to promote the Retail FTTH requires experienced Middle Management. Apart from all these the impending Lok Sabha Elections requires consistent co ordination with various Agencies that can be possible only at STS Level.

Keeping all these in mind, we seek the personal intervention of our CGM in this critical issue of retention of 35 STS Officers in Chennai Telephones on a permanent basis. If any constraint is anticipated in retaining all 35 STS officers permanently, we request our CGM to seek atleast one more YEAR Retention for these officers.

With kind regards,                                                                                                   yours sincerely,

                       Sd/-                                Sd/-                                                      Sd/-


  CS-AIBSNLOA-ChTD               CS-AIBSNLEA-ChTD                               CS-SNEA-ChTD

 Copy to: The Sr.General Manager (HR&ADMN)-Chennai Telephones.





B.GANESAN                           V.GURUMURTHY                    P.UDAYASURIYAN

AIBSNLOA/ChTD / 2013-14 / Progress of CHTD                      Date: 18-03-2014

Sub: Outlook for Chennai Telephones - Reg.

My beloved Comrades,

            As a responsible Association, we the members of, AIBSNLOA-CHTD have always played a proactive role by putting forth our valuable suggestions to the Management that are always aimed towards improving our Services there by increasing the Revenue which is the need of hour.

 In this hour of crisis where the company inching towards the goal of regaining our lost glory, we the Executives irrespective of Association affinity must aim to contribute our might to achieve the desired results. In this process we may have to go through rough patches, but let us shed our inhibitions and marchahead.

 It is worth mentioning that our BSNL-CHTD is one of the only two Circles that are poised to show positive growth in this Financial year 2013-14. This could not have been possible but for the combined effort of all stake holders namely the staff, Officers and the Top Management through its proper guidelines. While as an Association, we are to fight for the right of our members, we must not lose time in appreciating the really good efforts of Senior Officers.

While we have submitted several proposals, demands, etc., to the Management, it is now time to critically analyse our performance also. In this regard we feel that it is our duty to make out the efforts of all the Senior Officers who as a Team lead us to this situation of becoming positive.

To start with it is the Head of the family namely our CGM whose perseverance proved finally that we are capable of delivering really good results. Next comes the Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) and her Team that is doing exceptionally well in maintaining a peaceful working atmosphere on the HR Front.

Our long pending demand of unavailability of material is coming to an end because of the tireless efforts of the officers of Developmental wing under the able guidance of PGM-Dev (CFA). We feel really proud to state that it is our demand to the CGM-CHTD that the Planning & Development wing must be lead by the present PGM during the course of our interaction with the Management earlier.

While our Marketing wing is ensuring the required back up to our developmental activities in the Field, it is need less to mention that it is the efforts of Areas that Played a vital role for our Success story this financial year. More specifically we can vouchsafe that it is the South Area which has always been a traditional stronghold of BSNL all these days, thanks to the tireless efforts of its earlier stalwarts Com.V.Chinnapappiah, Com.T.Manavalan,etc., to name a few, and this area is still growing further now under the guidance of Sri.Senthil Vasan GM (NWO-South).

The initiatives of the GM(South) to streamline the procedures may have some initial hiccups but we would like remind our colleagues that any attempt to heal a deep routed wound will definitely be painful but if the overall interest of curing  the Disease is borne in mind then these irritants are nothing. We must congratulate the Executives of South Area [except few] for swallowing the bitter pill and moving ahead with the directions of GM (South) to prove and maintain that South Area is Number One always.

Similarly on the Transmission side we are seeing a perceptible change in attitude of the entire Team, thanks to the spirited efforts of Sri.B.Ganesan (Sr.GM-TXM). While Sri.P.Sampath Kumar the then GM-TXM was silently motivating the force from behind, the present Sr.GM Sri.B.Ganesan is terribly vibrant and this is the need of the hour given the extent of damage caused to our Fibre Network across Chennai by the Infra Structural Developments.

While the previous Sr.GM(EB) Sri.R.Ramesh and his Team has roped in a huge market to us by way of Police Connections, Sri.B.Ganesan the present Sr.GM(EB) has also registered his stamp by effectively reducing the Master less cases and progressing further towards better Revenue.

Last but not the least; our Mobile Services are being slowly put on the right track by the efforts of our PGM-CM and Sr.GM –MS. The thorough understanding of the concept and the ability to interact freely with the Executives by our Sr.GM(MS) played a crucial role in improving the Services on the Mobile Sector which needs further impetus (drive) especially in the Area of BTS Maintenance for making BSNL to be at par with other players.

A still better overall growth in 2013-14 could have been achieved had our Finance wing extended its support on time whenever sought from the Field Units. Though the overall initiative of our Finance wing led by the PGM (Finance) is really appreciable and they have done the job of a regulator perfectly, the need to ensure payments on time is lagging that derailed a lot more Revenue generation activities by the Field Units.

We are of the considered opinion that our Management under the stewardship of our CGM will have a thorough review of the performance in 2013-14 and will definitely initiate attempts to tighten the loose ends so that still better performance is achieved in the days ahead.

Comrades, the above details are shared with you all with an intention to update the latest information regarding position of our Chennai Telephones in various Areas of operation. This update may not be complete and if any shortcomings are noticed and suggestions / feedback are intended, your views can be mailed to us at

With best wishes,

Yours Comradely,

P.Udaya Suriyan



17-03-2014:The Circle Office Bearers  Meeting was held at 17:40 Hrs on 14-03-2014 in Haddows Road. This was presided over by our Com. B.GANESAN, Circle President   Circle Secretary briefed the members about the latest developments with specific reference to the retention of  STS Executives beyond 31st March 2014. Further the details regarding the meeting AIBSNLOA-CHTD had with our Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) on 14-03-2014 with respect to various points were also discussed.


14-03-2014:CS along with FS Com.V.Gurumurthy and ACS Com.J.Badrinarayanan met Sr.GM(HR&ADMN) in her chamber today and discussed issues pertaining to

  1. Posting of JTOs on promotion from TTA
  2. Posting & Transfer of SDEs
  3. Rearrangement in JTO, SDE & DE Cadre.
  4. Release of DE(LA) order
  5. FRAC cases between GSM & CFA

Our Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) gave a patient hearing of all our views and there were almost full agreement of views. On the question of retention of DEs beyond 31-3-2014, Sr.GM(HR&ADMN) informed that the management has done its best on their part in taking up the case firmly with our Corporate Office and now it is for the Associations to carry forward the pressure at their CHQ level.

We have also requested the Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) to revive the post of DGM (O&M) Madhavaram which will improve the growth and revenue further for which the response was positive. With regard to our request for certain modifications in the posting orders with a view to render more importance to TXM, Sr.GM (HR&ADMN) informed that the orders were released taking in to account all aspects and insisted on strict implementation of the orders first and any changes can be effected subsequently on merit basis.


12/03/2014: Our Circle Office Bearers Meeting to be held  at Haddows Road Canteen on 14/03/14 [Friday] at 17:15 hrs. All the COBs to attend this important meeting without fail.





06-03-2014: The Annual General Body meeting of our Enterprise Business Wing was held on 03/03/14 during lunch Hour. The well organized by DS  meeting chairperson Com.Sivanesan,DGM with good strength was attended by our Circle Secretary. There were useful interaction and all the Local [EB] and CHQ issues of importance were discussed.

 The following are elected as Branch Office Bearers unanimously for the next term.




COM.S.Sundaresan        AGM-EB                              

COM.Kamivenkatesan JTO- CRM

COM..B.Ganapathy Subramanian      JTO –CRM  


a)The CEC of our Association was held on 22nd February 2014 at Jeevan Jyothi Hall. There were some useful deliberations on all the points of concern and resolutions were passed for further perusal with the Management.

Keeping with the tradition of honoring our veteran Comrades,

  1. Sri.P.Raman . CWC-Member & DE STM-EXTL
  2. Sri.M.Kamsunder – Divisional President Greames Road & DE HRD-Extl.
  3. Sri.A.Syed Majid – Divisional President Haddows Road & SDE HRD-NIB

who are demitting office on 28-02-2014 due to superannuation,  we have arranged a farewell function as part of our CEC. The Chief Guest of the farewell function was Com.L.Sundar Raman our Ex-Circle President. Sri.G.Selvam GM (Rtd-BSNL), our special invitee could not be present due to personal reasons but has sent a message wishing the retiring comrades a great life ahead. All the others who spoke on this occasion recalled their moments of interaction with these retiring Comrades and wished them a happy peaceful retired Life. 

b) As usual following the best principles honoring our retiring Executives (irrespective of Association affinity), who have rendered yeoman service to our BSNL, our CS along with ACS Com.J.Badri narayanan and DS-Com Krishnan met Sri.S.Narasimhan (DE-EXTL-Nanganallur) in his chamber and honored him with a shawl.

Later on, our CS along with ACS Com.J.Badrinarayanan, OS-Central Com.T.Thigarajan and Sri.Thangappan DE-ADY-INTL met Sri.L.Purushottaman DGM (ADYAR) in his chamber and offered our felicitations to him on his superannuation.


147 case, {SDE TO DEs} Case referred on 17/02/14 and same has  postponed by 4 weeks due to plea from applicant, however DPC can be initiated leaving the disputed 147 list.
15/02/14:        AGENDA for our  2nd  CEC on 22/02/14 

No.AIBSNLOA/ChTD/CEC/2013-14/02                   Date: 15.02.2014

Dear Comrades, Our 2nd Circle Executive Committee meeting is to be held on 22nd  February 2014 at 10.00 hrs at  AC- HALL (1ST Floor),JIVANA JYOTI, [Opp. Egmore   Musium] 107, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai-600-008.(Phone No. 28194905/ 28193244/ 42145726)

AGENDA as follows

1. Welcome address by Com. B.GANESAN,DGM  Circle President

2. Introduction of Members ,.  3. Report by Circle Secretary.

4. Branch Secretaries Report,. 5. Felicitation for Com.P.Raman-CWC-Member, Com.M.Kamsunder, President, GRD and Sri.A.Syed Masjid, President-HRD.              Special Address by

1.Com.L.Sundararaman, Ex-CP&2.Sri.G.SELVAM, GM(HR&A) Rtd

                                            LUNCH   BREAK [13.30 to 14.15 ]

6. Report by Finance Secretary.7. Any other important items [including {31/03/14} STS-Retention issue] with the permission of the Chair.8. Resolution if any,. and    9. Vote of Thanks. 

All the Circle/Branch Office Bearers/ CWC and CEC Members are requested to attend this meeting without fail. Finance Secretaries are request to clear  the subscription up to March 2014.

 Yours Comradely,


 Copy to :-    1. COBs   2.  CWC/CEC Members  3. DPs, DSs & FSs.


06-02-14:Our 2nd CEC meeting is fixed on saturday the 22nd February at 10:00Hrs in Jeevana Jyothi Hall,Egmore,Chennai-8.On this occassion we are also planning to felicitate our retiring comrades Com.P.Raman-CWC-Member,Com.M.Kamsunder-President-GRD and Sri.A.Syed Masjid President-HRD. All COBs,DP,DS&FS are requested to attend without fail. The Membership quota till March-2014 may also be regularised on this occassion. Agenda will be published soon.


Circle President, Circle Secretary along with, Finance Secretary and Com.J.Badrinarayanan ACS met our CGM Sri.A.Balasubramanian in his chamber on 03/02/14 and submitted our request to initiate the retention of all the Executives  (DE s retained up to 31-3-14) further beyond 31-03-2014. We have explained in detail about the available vacancies and the need to utilize the services of these experienced Executives in Chennai itself and urged the CGM to impress the Sr.GM (Pers)/DIR(HR)  BSNL CO accordingly. The CGM patiently heard our case and agreed to take up firmly with the BSNL CO.

On the developmental side, we have expressed our appreciation on the increasing Revenue in the CFA front and urged our CGM to fill in the Madhavaram DGM (O&M) posts which will improve our Services in this Area that has incurred a negative growth recently.

Similarly we have also appreciated the pro active role initiated by the Head of TXM that resulted in positive reactions from all the Staff and Officers of Transmission Wing. We also understand that there is definite improvement in Revenue realization from the Leased Circuits that have been kept pending as untraceable /Master less cases. There is also a visible change on the FTTH front that has been witnessing slow progress.

 We expressed our satisfaction on the CGM’s recent Decision to hold only monthly Review Meetings.

On the Mobile front we acknowledged the CGM’S concern on dwindling revenue and expressed our opinion that more importance is to be given for Power and Battery problems of BTS that in our view is the cause for call drop during hand over which ultimately has a bearing on our Services and Revenue.

We also emphasized our CGM on the need to implement our long pending request of processing FRAC by the now established CM Wing itself so that undue delay in various Area Finance Sections can be avoided and also these officers both Finance and Technical in Area can concentrate still better on CFA front.

In short the meeting was a smooth exchange of information and we thanked our CGM for spending more time with us than anticipated and for patiently hearing our views.


27/01/14: Dear comrades, With deep sense of regret I am forced to publish the following report for perusal of all the Executives of Chennai Telephones in general and the dedicated Comrades of AIBSNLOA in particular.

As we all know the recent DPC from SDE to STS in July 2013 has created several heart burns amongst the Executives of Chennai cutting across Association’s affinity. Every Association has tried its best to retain as much Executives in Chennai as possible and we from AIBSNLOA-CHTD took the initiative and lead in right earnest. We did not feel embarrassed to meet the local leaders of our sister Associations in person to make a united approach in this vital issue and we succeeded in getting their nod for a joint appeal to our CGM which in fact mounted pressure on the Administration to dispatch three letters specifically mentioning the need to retain maximum Executives in Chennai on their promotion.

 Comrades we are not having any second opinion in openly acknowledging the fact that only this unity amongst the Association was the reason that resulted in retention of maximum possible Executives in Chennai.  Even though individually all the three Associations’  CHQ leaders made their best efforts, We are still of the firm belief that had a united approach  prevailed at the CHQ level  (as we have pursued in Chennai) amongst all the three Association leaders, shedding personal inhibitions, Chennai Telephones  Executives would have enjoyed better results than what is seen now. However we are not here to blame anyone since there might have been certain inherent restrictions at the CHQ level.

No doubt that postings on promotions is the prerogative of the Administration but all the Associations sensed their responsibilities to play the role of a Watch Dog and succeeded to ensure that   no undue bias is exerted. On our behalf AIBSNLOA-CHTD has held several meetings to review the progress of re allotment and we shared with our members whatever information was available with us and handled the issue in the best possible transparent manner. The updates in our website during those periods will vouchsafe for this act of ours.

However we are unable to understand the behavior of our Com.S.Radha Krishnan (SDE ANR-EXTL) a staunch follower of the principles and policies of AIBSNLOA , who has all along been a party to each and every activities and decision making process of AIBSNLOA-CHTD as a core group member till last minute ( e.g. He is one of the co coordinator for the Publication and distribution of Diary 2014 ) who took a sudden U-Turn and decided to part ways with us squarely blaming the Association for not getting re allotment for him in Chennai.  We are quite knowledgeable to understand and appreciate the fact that any Association forum, be it SNEA/AIBSNLEA/AIBSNLOA,  sufficient opportunities were given to each and every member to express their views and dissatisfaction if any in the method of handling any issue by Circle/CHQ bodies can be analyzed in depth in these platforms. Sri.Radha Krishnan being an ACS(4), has never explored any of the available opportunity to him to register his dissent note in the forums  like GB/AGB/COB/CEC  etc., and has even started boycotting these meetings despite prior and proper notices. Sri.Radha Krishnan has not even bothered to reply a notice sent through mail by our Circle President, inviting him for a dialogue to address any of his grievances. It is also observed that Sri.Radha Krishnan  has not paid his own subscription  and has also advised the FS of ANR-Division from collecting the dues from other members since February 2013 against his open declaration in  our Circle Conference during February 2013 that he has roped in all the members of another Association (SNEA)  in to our Fold.

Paying membership to one Association and switching sides is not un common in any organization but we would like to apprise all the Executives of Chennai Telephones that, when the Circle Secretary himself could not get his retention in Chennai in July 2010, all our Senior members stood firmly and patiently behind him, but this time our decade long Associate mr. Radha Krishnan is unable to digest his non retention in Chennai and has switched sides.  Now we can only say Mr.Radhakrishnan & Mr.Rajendra babu [who is going to retiring on May’14] left from our Anna Nagar Branch without paying Subscription from Mar’13 to till date. Wish him all the best in his new role and extend all our best wishes for his hope to get good things from new place.

We hope that all the Executives in Chennai will understand and appreciate our position. Our Conscience is clear and we sincerely thank all the staunch members of AIBSNLOA who are dedicated and faithful to this Association despite our in ability to get retention for them all. AIBSNLOA will continue its effort without any prejudice and we hope we will succeed in all our future endeavours.


06-01-14: Our  BSNL Executive’s Diary 2014 (Perfect) is ready for distribution to our Members/Officers. Our COBs, DSs and D/ Committees may co-ordinate and collect it from No.20 Haddows Road Telephones Exchange, Chennai -6 at the earliest.

08-01-14: Diary 2014 -started on and from 07/01/2014.


08-01-2014:Executive Promotion Policy[EPP]-clarifications as per Ref no:400-29/2007-Pers.1 dtd 30/05/2007
"the Exectives who are retiring within a period of 2 years from the date of issuance of Time Bound IDA Scale Up gradation order,shall be exempted from such Training"

We are happy to  announce that AIBSNLOA,ChTD  is bringing out “BSNL EXECUTIVE DIARY 2014 “  which shall  contains all updated information on Service, Technical and Accounts matters.Publised very soon.


02-01-2014:  CS along with our Circle President, FS, VP Com.P.Velu, ACS Com.J.Badrinarayanan, ACS-Fin Com.R.Ramachandran, along with the Office Bearers of Admin Division  met  our  CGM, PGM(Fin) and the Sr.GM(HR&ADMN), on 01/01/14 in their chambers and exchanged pleasantries and greetings on the eve of New Year 2014.  Since it was a moment to celebrate no issues were discussed.

Similarly we also greeted senior Officers of CHTD namely the.Sr.GM (EB),Sr.GM(CM),GM(TXI) GM(West),GM(S&M) CFA and Addl GM(HR&ADMN) in the CGM Chamber.

Later on our CS, FS and Com.J.Badrinarayanan, ACS, met  Sr.GM(P&D-CFA)  In her Chamber  and extended our New Year Greetings. We also met GM (Central) in his chamber on a courtesy call to exchange New Year wishes.

Our Office bearers also met Sri.R.Ganesan who has joined our CHTD as GM (TXM) in his Chamber. Though it was meant to be a courtesy call, the GM (TXM) was kind enough to spare some time for exchange of views on several important issues including the Finance matter affecting the growth of BSNL-CHTD. We appreciated the concern of GM (TXM) and assured that together we could sit-down, discuss and resolve issues and aim for increased revenue for BSNL.  

On the whole the overall impression we gathered this day was that all our Senior Officers in the Management are of the firm view that the worst is over for BSNL and we are to march ahead with prosperity in this New Year 2014.


30-12-2013: 18.00 Hrs

1.CS and FS attended the farewell party in connection with the Retirement of Com.Hari Prakash JTO-MLLN at KushKumar Road. All the speakers recalled the dedication and interest shown towards work by Com.Hari Prakash. He was also a dedicated member of our Association and actively participated in all the functions and events organized by AIBSNLOA-CHTD. We wish him a happy and peaceful Retired Life. 

17.00 Hrs:

2.CS addressed the massive hunger strike, organized by the NFTE at CGM’s Office in connection with their list of long pending demands submitted to the Management. CS in his address insisted the need to have united approach fort solving all the Staff welfare related issues. While the CS appreciated the dedication of NFTE members, he also advised the leaders of NFTE to utilize the negotiation table for resolving issues if called for by the Administration.

13.00 Hrs

3.The COB Meeting of our Association was held today at 13.00 Hrs in Flower Bazaar with our President Com.B.Ganesan in the Chair.  The COB deliberated mainly on two issues namely

  1. Bringing out the Technical Hand Book 2014
  2. To fill up the vacancies arising out of resignations / transfers of some of our Comrades.

While all those present appreciated the move to bring out the Technical Hand Book 2014, there were some plain speaking by those present with regard to the reasons for filling up the vacant COB Posts. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from Com.R.Vijayasarathy. The following comrades were co opted against the posts mentioned below which has to be ratified in the forth coming CEC.

Com.P.Ramachandran  A.O(ERP) ACS-Fin. &  Com.B.Arumugaraj  SDE-Genl CWC-M

Com. T.Thiagarajan, DE-Myl(OS-Cen) & Com. V.Gabriel ,SDE-GSM-KKN (OS-West)


26-12-2013:Our Circle Office Bearers meeting is to be held at Flower bazzar Complex on 30/12/13 (Monday)at 13:00 hrs.All the COBs to  attend this meeting without fail.


27-12-13:CS has written an Letter to CGM for different dates and varies issues..
AIBSNLOA/ChTD / 2013-14 / CGM/ N-35                              Date: 23-12-2013

-Regarding Pending points of demands discussed on 07.11.13

AIBSNLOA/ChTD/2013-14 / DPC 2013 /N-34                         Date: 05-12-2013

-As regards Retention of Executives in Chennai.


26/12/13:News from Member…

Hon’ble SC has called for BSNL to file reply on 147 (+contempt) case. With no reply filed adjournment on one ground or other drags rulings by SC. One Association has suddenly woke up and demanded reply to be filed by BSNL.

Time and again, our Association has been taking stand against any violation of superseded seniority i.e., junior by year of recruitment overtaking his senior (by year of recruitment) simply by virtue of passing TES Gr-B Competitive Exam.

None of Government Department allows flouting seniority fixation as well as promotion implementation wherein juniors by year of recruitment overtake their seniors (by year of recruitment); even in case of UPSC recruited ITS, promotion covers only by Blue Book and this is followed scrupulously. Then, where come this rule stands flouted, as in the case of TES Gr-B Competitive, be it 147, case pending for final disposal at Apex Court and getting dragged to these many years?

Responsibility to be fixed on such violations along with corrected seniority and promotion implementation is the only way out for BSNL, to correct flouted rules at least now, to uphold claim of this Association.


26-12-2013: The Annual General Body meeting of our KK.Nagar Road Division was held today (23-12-13) at 17.00 Hrs. It was attended by our Circle Secretary and Finance Secretary. The meeting was well represented by comrades from GSM/EXTL/TXM/INTL & Computer Cell. Com Gabriel has made excellent arrangement for smooth conduct of the GB. There were useful deliberations on all issues including the local Problems. Our CS insisted on the proactive role to be initiated by our members in restoring the Glory of our Company BSNL. All the comrades welcomed the move to get bring out the Technical Hand Book (Diary) this year. 

 The following are elected as Branch Office Bearers unanimously for the next term.

 1.Com. K.Manoharan                   AGM-VIJAY(CM)             President

2. Com. T.Shenbagaraj                  C.O /KKN                          Secretary

3.Com.P.Thilagavathy                  SDE-KKN(Extl)                  Finance Secretary.


26-12-2013:The Technical General Body meeting of our CHR & Tambaram Division was held today (13-12-13) at 13.00 Hrs. It was attended by our Circle Secretary. The meeting was well represented by comrades from CHR-Intl and EXTL/TAM/DE-Intl (CHR). Com B.Nagarajan, OS [South] has made Very good arrangement for Technical interaction with Circle Secretary. There were useful deliberations on all issues including the local like Contractors billing/Raja Kilpakkam and Different Cable size Problems. All the comrades welcomed the move to get bring out the Technical Hand Book (Diary 2014) this year. 

 The following are already elected as Divisional Office Bearers and Com.S.Shankar DE-CHR(Extl) unanimously Elected as Working President for  the next term.









18-12-2013:The Annual General Body meeting of our Greames Road Division was held on 17-12-13 during lunch Hour. It was attended by our Circle Secretary, Finance Secretary and ACS Com.J.Badri. The meeting was well organized with members explicitly expressing the constraints of Field conditions. Our CS explained the efforts of our Association in getting retention for most of the dedicated comrades but still we could not completely succeed in this attempt to our fullest satisfaction. CS also explained the need to maintain the BB Services that is the main source of Revenue for our BSNL Chennai Telephones. There were use full interaction amongst the members regarding all issues if importance.

 The following are elected as Divisional Office Bearers unanimously for the next term.

 1.Sri. M.Kamsunder                 DE HRD-EXTL-III               President

2. Sri.R.Sridharan                       SDE TXM                          Vice President

3. Sri.K.Guhan                            DE HRD-EXTL-I                  Secretary

4. Sri.J.Bhaskaran                       JTO-HRD-Extl-II                Asst. Divisional Secretary

5. Mrs.C.MalarSelvi                   SDE HRD-Extl-IV               Finance Secretary.

6.Sri.S.R.Sankara Narayanan   JTO-Greames Road.        Committee Member


13-12-13:  147 case, [SDE TO DEs] Latest status:

The Supreme Court Website reflects that the next date is 17.02.2014 {1. Nishit Kumar Upadhya  2.Manoj Kumar Tripathy 3 K.S. Hegde}


11-12-13 : AGB  meeting of AMB and AVD division was held on 05/12/2013 at AMB telephone exchange.CS,VP,ACS and OS (N) attended the meeting.  Com.Baranidaran.DS welcomed all. All the circle office bearers have been honoured with shawal and 2014 diary. CS explained all the developments in detail and appreciated the AMB zone for developments and revenue increase. The following office bearers have been elected unanimously.

1.President   Com.R. Jayaraman SDE

2.Divisional secretary :Com.S.Baranidharan SDE

3.Finance secretary: Com.J.meena JTO

The meeting ended with vote of thanks by New Divisional President


05/12/13: Circle Secretary has written a letter to our GS-CHQ rearding further extention of STS (adhoc)


AIBSNLOA/ChTD/2013-14 / DPC 2013 /05                 Date:05-12-2013


My beloved comrade


While we the Executives of Chennai Telephones in general and the members of  AIBSNLOA-CHTD in particular are fully aware of the positive role played by our CHQ in retaining as much Executives as possible in Chennai itself during the JULY 2013 DPC for STS(Adhoc), we are once again requesting our GS to take up the issue with the BSNL Top Management well in advance so that the plight of the senior Executives who were given temporary relief up to March 2014 comes to an end and they are regularised in Chennai.


In this regard we would like to submit the following points for perusal and further necessary follow up with BSNL CO.


While sufficient vacancies to accommodate more than 90% of the Executives falling under the zone of consideration in July DPC was projected by the local Administration to our BSNL CO, Our head quarters citing the need to reserve 15% of the sanctioned strength for future MT, has refused retention. However as months pass by vacancies are adding up by way of retirement and there will be no dearth of vacancies in Chennai as on 31st March 2014. More over it is to be noted that the MT Recruitment is on a PAN INDIA basis and it need not necessarily be reserved in a particular Circle where there is already shortage of Executives to meet the growing developmental activities. The management also stands to gain by way of posting these brand new MT in places where there is no availability of personnel for the STS Post. The concept of reserving vacancies for a prospective employee at the cost of present dedicated and senior Executives does not augur well with a well maintained HR Principle.


In the unfortunate event of shortage of vacancy to take care of the interest of all the Executives on 31st March 2014, it is must be ensured that


  1. All the Executives in the JULY 2010 DPC (List Enclosed) are to be given topmost priority in the order of their seniority and retained in Chennai.
  2. Subsequently the Executives of the July 2013 DPC are to be considered for the remaining vacancies strictly on Seniority basis.(List Enclosed)
  3. After taking care of the interests of seniors as requested in 1 & 2 above, the remaining vacancies may be utilised to retain the other Executives strictly as per seniority without involvement the whims and fancies of any vested interests. Even in the event of only Female Executives being considered for retention beyond March 2014 for these remaining vacancies, then also it must be purely on seniority basis amongst these Females Executives.(List Enclosed)
  4. As sufficient vacancies would have become vacant in the neighbouring Circles like TN,AP,KRL,STR & STP also by March 2014 the remaining left out Executives among those retained up to March 2014 must be offered an opportunity to exercise their optional Circle and this also must be decided in a transparent manner on the basis of Seniority only.

 While certain amount of flexibility was extended both to the Management and to the Associations with regard to retention of certain Executives up to 31st March 2014 on a case by case basis, the further Extension or permanent retention for any of these cases must be purely on Seniority Basis only so that this will avoid any litigation that was predominant in the aftermath of July 2010 DPC. 


Since the Management has recently completed the interaction with all the Unions/Associations with respect to improvement of BSNL and its services, this is the right time to update our Top Management at BSNL CO to ensure that fair, transparent and un biased orders are issued from Corporate Office that will go a long way in improving the morale of the Executives.


We hope that the CHQ will be able to project the real constraints peculiar to Chennai Telephones in clear terms to our BSNL Top Management, convince them about the ground realities well in advance so as to ensure the retention orders for all the Executives in Chennai are released to the extent vacancies exist as on 31-3-2014 without reserving any post whatever be the reasons.


With best wishes,

Yours comradely

 P.Udaya Suriyan




09-12-2013:Attn of our  Retired employess of BSNL & DOT : BSNL Circle office has issued the instructions for allotting the vacant quarters to retired employess of BSNL & and read Guidlines...


The First CEC of our AIBSNLOA-CHTD was held on Tuesday the 26th November 2013 at JeevanJyothi Hall, Egmore Chennai 600008. After the customary welcome address by President Com.B.Ganesan,DGM and the introduction of members, the CS presented his report for the last Eight Months.

The report covered in detail all the aspects including the crucial DPC JULY 2013 from SDE to STS. There were free and open discussion on all the points put forth in the C.S Report. Senior comrades who took active part in the deliberation analyzed the CS report in depth and appreciated the efforts of our Association in the crucial DPC-2013 for SDEs. At the same time these senior comrades also strongly protested against lack of any guided principles in retaining the Officers at Chennai. While accepting the constraint faced by our CHQ at Delhi, the members insisted on more transparent approach.  On the whole the deliberations and the final sum up of the events with regard to the DPC-2013 was a fruitful one with the air being cleared of even the slightest inhibitions.

 Similarly on all the other issues presented in the report there were detailed exchange of ideas and the members  appreciated the efforts of COB in handling the critical issues including the recent BSNL CO guidelines on posting of Office Bearers in Administration and Vigilance.

Com.L.Sundararaman our Ex-President was invited as a special Invitee to this meeting and he enlightened the members on the importance of Unity and the growing strength of AIBSNLOA over the years that is attributable mainly because of dedication and commitment of members.  

During the course of discussion on Divisional Secretaries Report, the CEC also approved the merger of Kellys Division with the Administration Division. As a follow up of detailed deliberations several Resolutions aimed mainly towards improvement of BSNL Services were passed and these are being submitted to our local Management.

  2. CS Report in our CEC on 26-11-2013.
20/11/13 Circle Secretary written a letter to CGM Chennai Telephones regarding Rearrangement of Executives in SAG Level.
19-11-13:  AIBSNLOA/ChTD / 2013-14 / CGM/ N-31                  Date: 19-11-2013

Sub: Rationalisation of GSM-Works-regarding.

 Respected Sir,

With a view on improved performance in our CFA & CM Verticals we would like to apprise our CGM the following points for kind perusal.

As we are in the process of taking strategic business decisions based on performance and Revenue generation, it becomes relevant to ensure that jobs pertaining to relevant Wings are being executed and monitored by those respective stake holders. One such Area is the expansion and maintenance of our Towers in GSM Wing.  Earlier when there was integration of functions, the Area DGMs were pursuing the finalisation of agreement with the prospective Land Lords to install and commission the Towers. As we grew up in GSM Vertical with so many senior officers right up to PGM available exclusively for GSM-wing, it is pertinent to ensure that all the works identifiable with GSM are to be executed and monitored by that wing only.

This will benefit the Company by way of improved performance and monitoring of both GSM and CFA verticals by the respective Officers. As we are already in the process of apportioning Revenues and Expenditures even on certain basic items like House-keeping, Electricity Charges, etc., it is time for us to have a thorough review of working aspect with respect to certain Areas in GSM where in we feel clash of interests exists between GSM and CFA Officers causing delay in implementation of developmental and maintenance activities more specifically in Tower Maintenance. 


Wrkg strength-DGM

Wrkg strength-DEs

Wrkg strength-SDEs







 We urge our CGM to effectively intervene and put an end to this dual control in activities and responsibilities with regard to Tower maintenance functionalities so that we can achieve better results in CM. Also the CFA that is on the upswing with regard to Revenue generations can be still more prosperous with higher dedicated concentration from the Officers of CFA. To start with the FRAC activities involved in finalisation of BTS is to be exclusively carried out by the GSM-Wing so that the delay in execution is avoided.

This is for your kind information and necessary action please.

 With warm regards,



 Copy to:

1.The PGM (Finance) BSNL-Chennai Telephones.

2.The PGM (Planning & Dev)-CM Chennai Telephones.

3.The Sr. General Manager ( HR & ADMN)  BSNL Chennai Telephones